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Jedi Kes Solo PM
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So, I decided to create an account instead of just creep reading on here. I also figured it would be easier for me to favorite and follow the stories I really like a lot, instead of scrolling through all the stories to see if one of my favorites has been updated or not (it will now be easier to leave reviews too).

Anyway, I started looking up stories on-line after The Force Awakens. I was amazed to find a whole new world to geek out on and to revel with others in a galaxy far far away. I'm not interested in writing, but I will definitely be reading a lot of Star Wars fan fictions and Scifi fan fiction on here.

PS- I'm going to try and review each story I favorite. My declaration to all creep readers (because I was one of you), It's time to stop creep reading, these fantastic writers deserve readable praise for their creativity!!! Even it its just a simple 'great job' or 'I really like this' would suffice I'm sure.

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