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I'm Arim0 and I love reading and writing. I own a blog with a few friends and we publish short stories, book reviews and a couple of fanfics. You can find me on wordpress; I'm arim0

here are some things about me:

What I'm reading: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

Fave Colour: Black and Orange

Fave genre: Romance, Adventure, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Mystery (in other words, basically everything)

Fave slashes: SnowBaz, Drarry, Sherlock/Watson (what is the shortened one of that anyway?)

Fave books: I honestly don't know. I guess Carry On, HP, HG, Divergent, Sherlock Holmes are a few of the ones i enjoyed most.

Fave TV shows: (I don't have a TV but that wont stop me) Doctor Who, Merlin, Faulty Towers, Black Books, no such thing as the news

Happy Reading and Writing,


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