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Dear readers of who have managed to stumble onto my profile,

I'm grateful that this page still exists for me to look back at the old past-time memories and of all the like-minded people who share the same interest about Naruto, anime and the craze of the Japanese anime world.

As of now, I am no longer 13. I am now studying in the USA, and graduating from a well-known university with a double major degree.

I believe the many of you who came here are within the age range of 10-17, but if not, this may or may not apply to you as well.

Keep writing and pursue the passion of writing. Who knows you will be an author of a book and a great publishing company will take your story (this happened to a close friend of mine).

For those who followed my Naruto story : I had countless-ly rewrote an updated unfinished chapter again and again and wanted to publish it back in the year 2010. In fact, the story grew darker and more mature in my opinion and I couldn't see how the story fit in and where this was going.

I must admit that I still follow the Naruto manga but no longer have the same fiery passion I had for Sasuke and Sakura. I don't quite like the idea of romance at this moment and a lot has changed since my teenage years of being a "hopeless romantic" (I am finally understanding the idea of hopeless romantic).

The idea is, I am changed. And you will be change too, whether for the better or worse. If you experience failure, always tell yourself that you'll get back up. If you are down, be optimistic about life because depression would get you nowhere.

I sometimes wished I had the optimism of a child, but the reality of the world can be harsh, depending on how you look at it.

But the most important advice I want to leave for you is pursue the ideal world you want to live in. Your ideal world should look bright, ambitious, loving, caring and full of wonders. Because only through focusing on the light of hope, will you persevere and succeed further than anyone could ever expect out of you.

I will leave this account for the memories. I will look back and sometimes read about my funny old self, and laughed about those old memories.

But I will remember the joy that I experienced through And I'll remind myself of the happy moments I wanted to share with my friends, and that I will spread this feeling of joy with others today. Your childhood, is an important foundation that will help you one day in the future, to connect with others who would one day look up to you with the same admiration.

Lots of love.

P.S. If this story strings up something within you, or that you just need someone to talk to, feel free to email me at celestial_goddess_miyuki93@. And yes, I am still keeping my name sacred.

Konichiwa,Ohayogozaimas, Kombawa, minna-san! You have just entered my profile! Welcome!

About Myself

Name: Miyuki Tsukada(if you add me to your MSN or e-mail contact, I'll tell you my real name!)

Age: I'm officially 13! Yeah!

Gender: Female

Country: Malaysia (near Singapore)

Favourite Food: Potatoes!Yum yum!(so far!)

Deviantart account: Miyuki-Tsukada93

E-mail: golden_phoenix93@, celestial_goddess_miyuki93@ (Mostly for e-mail...), friends4ever05anime@, sasukefan93@(inbox also) (add me to your MSN or e-mail contact! I love to have new friends! And now, my compuer can use MSN!)

Loves: My family, Uchiha Sasuke (teehehehe...XP), anime, manga, pets and a lot of stuffs I love very much and don't forget me myself!

My Blog: /miyuki_tsukada_anna

Favourite Singers/Bands: Utada Hikaru, AyumiHamasaki, BoA, Kelly Clarkson, Shakira, Orange Range, Black Eyed Peas,

Speciality: in drawing? That's what my friends said. Good in other stuff too!

Hates: There's nothing to hate!(Or unless those who really irritate me...)

Hobbies: Drawing manga, writing, reading books/manga, listening to the music, surf the net and MSN, watching TV/Anime and going cycling with my neighbours

Best(and school) friends: The Ultimate Angel Of Good And Evil, Twinx Titans Evolution Fairy,Goddess of Calamity, MaidenDark(and friends from MSN are Reiyuka Yumikoto, Whoeva-I-Can-B, -pinkk.pocky-,Metajoker,youkaigirl64,Chiharu Kamoshiro and karen41! Thank you so much for adding me to your MSN!)

Favorite stories in : Enemies to Couples?, Homebound Curiousity: Why are there so many users from Philipines? It seems like is in Philipines! Wow! Philipines is such a cool country!

More About Myself: My friends said that I'm almost like Shikamaru although I'm a girl. Why? I keep complaining almost everytime, I'm quite a 'lazy-ass' though many still call me helpful and hardworking, my birthdate is same as Shikamaru's,quite smart (not the IQ of 200 type, didn't my friends said that I'm ALMOST like Shikamaru?)...I think that's all. I'm a vegetarian person. Tae Kwan Do BLACK BELT! WOO HOO!

Anime currently most favorite and a freak in is:


Last year, Naruto seems like a nobody and infamous thing to me. Now, I am so freak in it! And Naruto became really famous in my school! Especially Sasuke-kun! It was so that popular that even a magazine pubished a special mag about Naruto! From biodatas to Ninjutsu and Advanced Bloodline Limits, it was so useful to me that my knowledge about Naruto had improved from 35 to 78! I'm so addicted into this anime! Yet, I do quite hate Uzumaki Naruto. He's really irritating sometimes, and if the Kyuubi wasn't in him then Sasuke can kill that stupid dobe!SHANNARO! But his fighting spirit in him is extremely strong(up to the maximum) and even without that Kyuubi, I think he can defeat Sasuke (if only he put much effort!). Yet, Sasuke is still my favorite character. Including Sakura too!

Anime Couples I Love!

Naruto: Sasuke and Sakura, Naruto and Hinata, Neji and Tenten, Shikamaru and Ino, Itachi and Sakura, Gaara and Sakura, Sai and Sakura (just a bit)

Ayashi No Ceres: Aya and Tooya, Aya and Yuuhi

Fushigi Yuugi: Miaka and Tamahome, Miaka and Nuriko, Miaka and Tasuki, Miaka and Suboshi, Miaka and Hotohori, Miaka and Chichiri, Yui and Tetsuya, Soi and Nakago, Miaka and Amiboshi

Cardcaptor Sakura: Syaoran and Sakura, Eriol and Tomoyo

Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE: Syaoran and Sakura, Fai and Sakura, Kurogane and Tomoyo, Fai and Chi

Marmalade Boy: Yuu and Miki, Ginta and Arimi

Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X: Aoshi and Misao, Kenshin and Misao, Sanosuke and Megumi

Inuyasha: Kagome and Inuyasha, Miroku and Sango

Full Metal Achemist: Edward and Winry, Roy and Liza (I can't remember her name...just know her as the blonde woman who ties her hair into a bun)

Ranma 1/2: Ranma and Akane

Gundam SEED: Lacus and Kira, Cagalli and Athrun

Groove Adventure Rave: Haru and Elie

Fruits Basket: Yuki and Tohru, Kyo and Thoru

Bleach: Rukia and Ichigo, Hitsugaya and Hinamori, Ishida and Orihime

Final Fantasy VII: Cloud and Tifa, Cloud and Aerith

Kingdom Hearts II: Sora and Kairi, Roxas and Namine

Pichi Pichi Pitch Mermaid Melody: Luchia and Kaito

Mirmo Zibang: Kaede and Yuki

About My Stories:

Mysterious Saviors(Ayashi No Ceres fic): Okay, I updated my 7th chapter.

A Tangled-Up Love(Cardcaptor Sakura fic): I've got ideas actually from two reviewers and I should thank both of them. 2 OVERLY obssessed and the other one I forgot who was she, youkai girl 64 I think but I'll talk to her again and ask her.

Holiday Under The Sun(Fushigi Yuugi fic):This is a 's humourous(the story) to me and my friends. What about you? Read and review and give me your comments!

Rivals Or Couples 4ever?(Naruto fic): I've always wanted to create a Naruto fic and I did! Thousands of ideas are popping in my head to fit into this story and I tried to jot it down but then the idea suddenly disappears. It's a highschool story and some of the events in the story are actually real and also happened in my dream before. Anyway have a nice time reading this story!(for those who are waiting for my other updatesfor my other stories, give it a try reading this story. You can send flames why I update this but never update that. I don't mind.)

The Night Before Christmas(Naruto fic): I guess I won't get to finish all my fics. This is just the second chapter. Updates might be coming much much later. And this story only has three chapters unless you want a sequel!

The Cherry Blossoms of The Blue Moon(Naruto fic): Coming out this week! It's a school holiday so I can update as soon as possible!

The Chronicles of Every First-time Parent(Naruto fic): It's the weirdest idea that has ever come to my mind...don't worry. This has mostly the NARUTO pairings and every couple would be fair and square! (But I'll emphasis more of SasuSaku and NejiTen)

Naruto news (in the manga):

Chapter 300: The long awaited guy has come to town! Sasuke is back being even more mysterious!

Chapter 306: We'll be able to see Sasuke's face and...his icky costume?LoL! I kinda hated the costume including my friends. What about you?

Chapter 308: Sasuke is killing his old friend! Chidori from his body? Stupid Yamato for blocking Sakura to fight. And OMG! Sasuke has found the Kyuubi in Naruto when Naruto was talking to it! How did he came into the conversation of the human and the beast? He's too strong to be defeated. Now I'm so going to hate Sasuke...

Chapter 311: Look at Sai learning new words! Calling Sakura a HAG is not a good way to nick name people, Sai! Ooo...Naruto's new jutsu will surpass Kakashi! (amazed)


In the BBQ Restaurant...

Ino: ...HE LIKES ME!

Sakura: ...NOT!

Naruto and Chouji: (Swt)


Anywaiz...two new Akatsukis members found the second jinchuuriki! What happens next!

Chapter 313: Are Asuma and Kurenai dating? Who knows? Second jinchuuriki down! Who'll be the next victim! They said they have one more left to go...would it be...the stubborn won't-give-up, dreaming-of-becoming-a-Hokage-to-be...Uzumaki Naruto...?

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