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Hey guys! I'm Jessica! So I don't really know what to say I love fanfic.. and I'm just starting to write some so hopefully you guys enjoy reading my stuff... I love emails about ideas or feedback so feel free to email me! Okay well later!


The Long and Winding Road by StorytellerD:

-It's one of the most beautifully written stories. It is focused on JT/Emma from Degrassi, an unconventional couple. Even though it can't happen, I think they are so fascinating to read fanfic about. This story converted me to JT/Emma, even though I am a Sean/Emma fan. I think it's a good read even for fans of other couples and pairings. Everyone should read it, and I bet you will like it.


Degrassi: JT/EMMA , Emma/Sean, JT/Liberty

Heroes: Peter/Claire , Matt/Audrey

OC: Ryan/Marissa, Seth/Summer; Only fanfic: Ryan/Summer, Seth/Marissa, Seth/Anna

Ryan/Marissa, ; Only fanfic: Ryan/Summer, Seth/Marissa, Seth/Anna

Zoey 101: Zoey/Chase, Dana/Logan

Life with Derek: Derek/Casey

Phil of the Future: Phil/Keely

Prison Break: Michael/Sara

Harry Potter: Draco/Hermione; Harry/Hermione

Gilmore Girls: Tristan/Rory, Jess/Rory

Friday Night Lights: Tim/Lyla

Sisterhood of Traveling Pants: Eric/Bridget

Saved!: Mary/Patrick; Roland/Cassandra

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