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Hello Guys I'm Remnant and welcome to my endless crusade to end boredom. And also get out of class:) Hope you guys enjoy it. I also believe every FF users profile page should tell a story so here's mine

name: Not telling

Country: USA

State: Kansas

City: too personal


Discord: Dr.Fiction#1944

My favorite Video Game Protagonists

Batman (Arkham series )

Raiden ( Metal Gear Rising)

Talion ( Shadow of Mordor)

Cloud Strife ( FF7)

Sora ( Kingdom Hearts)

Monika (Doki Doki Liturature Club)

Sebastian (The Evil Within)

Fav Songs:

7: Hold onto You(NatewantstoBattle)

6: Crossing Field ( SAO)

5: This will be the day.(RWBY)

3: Sanctuary (KH)

2: Zero ( The Devils a part timer)

1: Delete Me ( Doki Doki Literature Club)

My favorite shows

Gravity Falls

Regular Show

Sakura Trick

The Flash

Sword Art Online

DC Legends of Tomorrow

The Devil is a Part-Timer

Red vs Blue

Death Battle


Akame ga Kill

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