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well all I can say is me and Ben broke up I still loved him he still loves me very much but after I graduated from prep we lived in the woods ben tries to come but n't know how to get there because well it's over a steep little rode but only one person can get over it but it is sad and crazy but this is my story a knock on the door I got it what now I said the king is dead the guard said I um I'm sorry what happened I said he got sick after the trip and this was his last words he want's to be buried here he said OK um yah in the garden with nothing in it I said OK mam I'm sorry he left I felt to my knees crying this was the baddest thing that ever happened to me it's like hate and backstabbing it felt bad I never loved someone like him it was going to be hard next two days we had a ceremony for him everyone was gone and my boyfriend was in the indoor garden so I sung a song my heart wasn't the first thing brocken my eyes aren't the first ones to cry not the first to know there's no getting over you I'm hopelessly devoted to you I'm hopelessly devoted to you remember when you said that love would be the best but now I'm here all alone thinking of the past oh i think that I should figure that on my own I'm hopelessly devoted to you ooh sitting on the couch nice to drop in I heard below me laughing but when I'd looked up I saw ben but it wasn't what I expected but he kissed me and them I screaming and ran to my room I was scared I went to bed in the morning I woke up and then I wondered if you are here make a signal I said my panty Gore's open finding ben looking inside the Gore's what are you doing you idiot I said holding the door knob just checking he said checking what I said well being nosy and well you are looking beautiful as all ways I know your ready he said ready for what wait no no no not with a ghost I know you love me I love you but I'm not going to be going at it with a ghost plus I can't fell you i said he started laughing I can plus I can do what ever I want and you are why I'm here he said wait so you wanted to be buried here so you can hunt me down I said most likely yah he said OK do what ever you are going to do but I'm eating leftover's OK I said opening the door he pushes me to the bed and kisses me well I couldn't stop him he is a ghost what am I thinking go for it i don't know I didn't even know he can touch me it was well great I'm not a virgin any more I felt alive like I was younger again next morning wow what was I thinking I'm hungry I got up and saw ben all dressed up and I saw a beautiful dress forming on me it was gorgeous and a ring was in his hand marry me secretly he said I said yes a couple of weeks past I threw up that morning I went in the bathroom and took out a box and there I took it that's impossible someone said beside me going out the door he looked shocked I got up and told him it's going to be OK I promise OK he kisses me how about we go to the enchanted lake and go for a swim OK I said he said fine fine but I want more he said more what I said more strawberry shortcake OK that's to much probably he said OK let's go Casper I said OK how are we going to get there he asked hmm can you still fly I said um I think yah I can he said we were at the lake it was beautiful as all ways you know I feel like Bella from twilight I said you kinda are but with power's and purple hair with green light emerald eyes he said and you are Edward except your lover ghost with dark sparkling brown eyes and muscles and the strength of a beast and the beauty of your mother I said think you he said and now we are going to have a little child I said what are we going to name it if a girl Marinette and if it is a boy well that's up to you i said Benjamin he said wait isn't that your name I said my name is Ben he said cool I said wow um feel that I said putting his hand on my belly wow 6 months later I was sleep surely I feel wet I woke up seeing ben beside me looking so filled with love next time mal will have here baby see what happens in a couple of days read now

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