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Thank you for visiting my profile page. I would like everyone who visit's to please be aware that I have taken down most of my stories so they can be re-written. This is something that is desperately overdue. I hope to re-post all of my stories back up again, with the exception of one or two, provided I can find a Beta to help me with my biggest weakness; grammar.

If you or someone you know would be interested in beta reading my stories please let me know via's Private Messaging service. Stories would be from Harry Potter, Treasure Planet, Twilight, Alice In Wonderland 2010, NCIS and possibly Xena Warrior Princess.

SO a little about me, I still like :

InuYasha Harry Potter Twilight NCIS JAG The Sound of Music

I also found new obsessions and I would be kidding myself if i thought of them as anything less:

Xena: Warrior Princess Rizzoli & Isles D.E.B.S Alice in Wonderland 2010 Birds of Prey and more i just don't have the time to write I absolutely adore Jane/Maura (Rizzoli & Isles) Xena/Gabrielle (XWP) Helena/Barbara (Birds of Prey) Alice/Bella (Twilight) Hermione/Minerva (Harry Potter) Abby/Gibbs (NCIS) Amy/Lucy (D.E.B.S) Andy/Miranda (Devil Wears Prada)
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