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Well, I don't know quite know what to put on here, but I guess it can start with the fact that I am female, and very much biased towards Asians, gay people, cross dressers, and intellects. I'm a serious gamer, and that is about it. I have a major passion for Sociology/Psychology and Veterinary medicine, but I am going to choose the latter as a career path. I am currently a high school student living in the Midwest (the best figgin' place in the country! Sorry everywhere else).

As for my stories I have to say that while I am not going to abandon them, I'm certainly not going to force anything out. That cames as a bite to the butt when it becomes about six months before something is updated (Successor, being a very frustrating one, considering chapter two is THE major part, and I'm still trying to work it out how I want it).

I hate over bearing modesty, however. If you know you're good at something, then say so! That is probably one of the only things I hate besides homophobes and girls voices that get this annoyingly sugary sweet tone. It grates on my nerves.

I also have an ego the size of Europe, I'm not even joking. There is no end to how awesome I am. (XD)

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