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Alias: Desdemona/Des

Gender: Female

Favorites: Inuyasha; Vampire Knight; The Legend of Zelda; Devil May Cry; Avatar: The Last Airbender; Yu-Gi-Oh; Mortal Instruments; Pandora Hearts

Favorite Pairings: Inuyasha/Kagome, Sesshomaru/Rin; Zero/Yuki; Link/Sheik; Dante/Nero; Katara/Zuko; Yami/Yugi, Joey/Kaiba; Clary/Jace, Magnus/Alec; Oz/Alice, Oz/Gil, Gil/Break

About pairings: Inuyasha/Kagome are pretty much self-explanatory. I love their constant banter and they are just so damn cute together.

Sesshomaru/Rin are also adorable. I find it impossibly endearing that Sesshomaru claims to despise humans, yet he'll go to any lengths to keep Rin safe. If that's not love, then I don't know what is.

are my absolute favorites of Vampire Knight. First off, I'm a sucker for bad boys and Zero is the poster child for a bad boy with the attitude, the earrings and the tattoo. Secondly, I can't stand Kaname because I find him manipulative and controlling. The fact that he's Yuki's brother doesn't even bother me. That's not why I have a problem with the pairing. I just hate Kaname and would much rather see Yuki with Zero.

need more love. Yes, I know Sheik is Zelda in disguise but I don't care. For me, he's too cool of a character to be Zelda (nothing against Zelda, but she really doesn't do much). More than anything, I think I like this pairing because I adore Link and Sheik to pieces.

: Dear God, it should be illegal for how sexy these two characters are. Again, going back to the bad boy thing, Dante and Nero fit the bill. I think I became attracted to the pairing from the very first time I played the game and saw the cut scene where Dante and Nero fight, and Nero's oh-so-interesting choices of parying (For those of you who've played the game, you all know which scene I'm talking about =P).

Katara/Zuko: Again. Bad boy. Zuko. Hot (both figuratively and literally). Kind of the opposites attract here, with this pairing. I'm really into that fire vs ice, dark vs light, kind of thing. Also, the conflict between the two really draws me in. That, and I really can't stand the canon pairings. Mai and Aang both get on my nerves.

Clary/Jace: Self-explanatory. They're the main couple and Jace is a bad boy. A very, very pretty bad boy. Although I will confess that Clary grates on my nerves at times, I do like this couple and I wouldn't want to see them with any one else.

Magnus/Alec: Haha! A legitimate boy-on-boy relationship, not one that my yaoi fangirl crafted =) These two are undoubtedly my favorite characters in the whole Mortal Instruments series. Alec because he is so my type: dark hair, blue eyes, shy, brooding, quiet; Magnus because he's just so different... and hot. I've never encountered a character like him before, so, naturally, I fell in love with him because nothing about him is mainstream =) Together, these two are absolutely beautiful, and they are my favorite couple. I wish there was more of them other than that one lone kiss. They are so impossibly cute.

Oz/Alice: Alice might just be the only lead female anime character I legitimately love. She's strong, determined and honest, so how could I not love her together with Oz? The two of them share such a close bond and are so adorable together.

Oz/Gil: Yet another couple that is painfully borderline shounen-ai. It must be the master-servant dynamic... Besides, Gil certainly acts like he's in love with Oz, and not just as his best friend and master. Their closeness and concern for each other is so touching, so I could definitely see a little lovin' going on there. Doesn't matter to me if Gil is young or his current age; they're cute no matter what

Gil/Break: Okay, yes, I know that this is almost total crack. But yah know what, I could care less. lol. Break is by far my favorite character on Pandora Hearts (chalk it up to his dark past, his goofy facade, his sweet tooth and his overall epicness) and Gil is a close second; and what fangirl DOESN'T pair up her two fav boys together? Besides, I like it not for it's lovey-dovy qualities like Oz/Alice or Gil/Oz, but for the tension and angst and shared past these two have. I also love how they do both care for each other (as friends, at least) but try so hard to hide it.

About me: I enjoy reading well-written, mature pieces. Very rarely will I read stories that involve humor, because from my perspective, they usually come off as either poorly written or stupid or both. However, if I come across a story that incorporates humor in a mature, enjoyable way that doesn't hinder a work's potential, then I will read it without complaint. In addition to that, when reading fan fictions, if the characters' personalities are drastically changed from the book, movie, etc., I won't read it. I'm a sucker for romance, so the more romance there is, the happier I'll be. I think I just may be the only anime fan alive that doesn't care for Naruto, Bleach or Death Note. I'll read stories with girl/boy or boy/boy relationships, though I've found that over the years, I've become more and more of a yaoi fan (possibly because the girls in anime and books generally annoy me... or just that the boys are too damn pretty and would look hot together =P). And as the yaoi fangirl I have developed into, I've probably watched every yaoi anime there is out there. lol.

About my writing: I firmly believe in happy endings. You'll never see me writing a story where a main character dies or the couple doesn't ride off into the sunset. My excuse for this is that the real world has enough tragedy in it already. Literature doesn't need it, too, especially when you're reading something for pleasure. For me, if a story has a sad ending, generally, I won't read it again (there are very few exceptions to the rule). As I mentioned before, being a great lover of romance, ALL of my stories contain romance in some form or another. I don't think I've ever written a story that doesn't have romance in it... I take my writting very, very seriously. Whether it is a short story, fanfiction or a book, I always research the subjects cruical to my plot to death. In terms of fanfictions, I usually spam Wikipedia to try and be as consistant as humanly possible. For whatever reason, I'm extremely anal about getting the details just right, so you'll never see me half-assing any piece of work. I put my heart and soul into every fiction story I create. And just so people know why I take so long to come out with a new story or the next chapter, I'll give a breif description of my long writing process: latch onto an interesting topic/plotline, create a detailed outline, write everything out long-hand (i.e. pen and paper), type it up, edit/rewrite, edit, edit, and edit some more.

Completed Works:
Claw Marks On My Heart- Inuyasha: Kagome/Inuyasha
HTRB: Zero Tolerance- Vampire Knight: Zero/Yuki
HTRB: The Will To Live- Vampire Knight: Zero/Yuki
HTRB: Angel In Disguise- Vampire Knight: Zero/Yuki
HTRB: Realize- Vampire Knight: Zero/Yuki
HTRB: Alive At Last- Vampire Knight: Zero/Yuki
Bound by Blood - The Legend of Zelda: Sheik/Link
Glitter Mixed With Rock 'n' Roll - The Mortal Instruments: Alec/Magnus
Tourniquet - Pandora Hearts: Gil/Break

Works In Progress:
Entwined in Twilight (working title, may change) - Legend of Zelda: Sheik/Link. Update: I had a serious writting block with one of the chapters, which is why the percentage status hasn't changed. I've been stuck on that one chapter for ages (I tend to drift away from a story when it isn't working). However, I am back in Legend of Zelda mode, replaying the games and getting all kinds of motivation. Hopefully the story will be moving along more rapidly soon. Status: 33% written

Upcoming/Planned Stories:
Zutara fics

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