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My name is Lindsay and I love fanfiction! I love to write it, read it, and download it to my Sony Reader to take it with me when I'm away from my computer! So, I am a site approved Beta...if you have anything you'd like edited hit me up! I absolutely love the Twilight book series, the movies lack some detail but isn't Kellan yummy to look at??? I have read all the Harry Potter books and own all the movies, yay me! I recently read books one through five of The Vampire Diaries and I LOVE the show!!! I've been reading A LOT of TVD fanfics...thinking of writing a few myself, my ideas are mostly song fics for TVD. I guess I love to listen to many genres of music as well. I am an ultimate Glee fan as well...I guess I'm more of a fan of Mark Salling than anything...LOL! I absolutely adore reading fanfics with Puck and Rachel as a couple. They are so different from each other that is makes sense for them to be together because they can show the other a new point of view. Anyway, that's a little about me. I've been on for about six years, I'm the mother of two wild boys and I love to read to them...they aren't quite ready for fanfic, but we'll get there ;). Here is my fictionpress account with my original, copyrighted work: tell me what you guys think!

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