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If you're interested, here's a little about me:

I am 27 years old

I am a HUGE Nascar fan, especially Dale Jr. and Martin Truex Jr. and I LOVE reading fanfic (Too many categories to name).

Told you it was a little ;).

I don't really update my profile but I just needed to rant a little bit. If you're actually reading this, first of all THANKYOU, and second of all whether you are an author or not, please know that this is MY opinion ONLY. I definately enjoy reading the amazing fics on this site, but it really aggravates me when authors hold their stories hostage. I.E. refusing to update a story UNLESS they get a certain number of reviews. Now personally when this happens I find myself NOT wanting to continue reading the story even though I don't like just stopping in the middle of a story. Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me? I mean I really TRY to review everything I read. If you happen to be an author and whether you do this or not, let me just say as a reader I truly appreciate the time, effort and skill that it takes for you to write such great work and I appreciate even more that you are willing to share with people who love reading. Just because readers don't review doesn't mean that they don't like the work, but on the other hand I can see it from an author's POV in that reviews give them momentum to continue. I admit that I am not an author, just an avid reader, but holding fics hostage is really not doing anyone any favors. Okay, I think I'm done ranting now, so, if you made it this far thanks and if not, then why are you still reading? ;).

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