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HELLO people.

Have cool ideas. Getting better at writing.


Gender: male

Hobbies: Games, anime, comics.

Socials: just dont spam. Cool to be freinds or i can listen to ideas you have.

Xbox/snapchat: mariobro2000. Twitch/kik:harkgrove

Gonna try the writing idea for a while. So sorry in advance for bad grammar and spelling.

Most stories will be in conjunction with school so apologies for delays(Study hall for the win).


(update 5/19/19: OMG wow... so I just stumbled on the desktop version with my phone and I decided to just look at my stories and how they do. I get a notifications on if I my story gets a favorite or follow. I check my usual storys they ok with larger numbers than expected. The last one being The Gotham champion. I get alot of notifications for it but was never super sure on how much people really a. Liked it or b. Hated it. So doing a small check and over 16k views. I'm honestly still stunned. So if any one ever sees this Thank you so much. But as I might have stated in another story somewhere is that I'm at a point where I cant update it and might lose lots of progress cause I use a school email and I'm about to finish highschool. I will need to find a away to transfer my important documents and my account on a different email. Even though I cant update dosnt mean I haven't given up on my writing. I just dont have a efficient way of updating it and I'm bad at writing (as you might already tell.). Also what's holding me back is myself. If I honestly wanted to I could update and post a new story today. My main worry with that is "will it be good for me?". There have been times where I think of "how to best open for this? Should I go off cannon more? And would I like the story when I'm done." The list goes on. If you been following me since day one I had alot of storys then before mostly consisted of me made bunch of persona shorts. They were good sounding in my head but felt off later on. I eventually deleted them but I learned to not half ass a good idea. So I'm not gonna totally give up on writing. I'm just not efficient at the moment. Possibly my next update could either be a completely new story or Gotham champion chip 7. I want to get a computer to type more and different email for alot of things (too much actually). So I typed way too long and I doubt people would look at this but to those fans of any of my storys, THANK YOU! I'm glad I gave you something to read. I hope I can make a chapter to please you guys. BYE)

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