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Can someone please make a kid zoom story? The new 52 gave us a second Wally west. The black kid. Anyone ever think of putting him in the young justice fan fictions as a villain? Or him having his own villain group made up of teenage villains preferably just avenger characters? Like iron heart riri Williams, skaar son of the hulk, shuri the sister of black panther t'chala king of wakanda, toruun daughter of Thor god of thunder, arsenal could become a bad guy I guess. And of course venom peter Parker. I think that'd be a good story. I mean we all know the team right?

Hi there, not really sure why anyone would be looking at my profile but screw it might as well write something right? Names Valor-Derzod of the Val-Zod order party of one. val/kara all day long. I love young justice.

My 3 favorite characters are

1. Aqualad

2. kid flash

3. Impulse

My 3 dispised characters are

1. Cheshire

2. Roy (both of them)

3. m'gann (not sure why tho)

I am seriously hoping that 2 specific fanfics are made

1. AU YJ where cadmus do obtain dna from Robin KF and Aqualad but all the dna strands are corrupted by each other creating a speedforce atlantean with Batman training muscle memory (male or female doesn't really matter but I do lean towards a male demographic I am a guy after all)

The second story I would actually like to see far more than the one up above. Sadly I don't have the patience nor skill to write it myself so I hope one day someone writes either of these.

2 (post season 1 but pre season 2 closer to season 2 though) Wally after being abused by his father, neglected by his mother, cheated on by his girlfriend (artemis of course) with a brother like figure (roy or dick, whichever, drunk accident perferably with no romance between them before or after) and fired from his job (because he's no longer a hero anymore), tries to find a new life, instead he is found by Eobard Thawne who after months of torture is able to turn him to the dar-*cough cough* I mean make him a killer. As a prize he strengthens wallys speed force abilities using a particle accelerator *wink* creating the speedforce darkhero/anti-hero Terminus. Anti-hero Wally west who has no qualms about killing (his first kill by choice being thawne of course he had previously been forced to kill people as a form of torture, how? I haven't the slightest idea, drug induced hallucinations is my best guess) but is still technically on the good side just not the league or the teams side. But the particle accelerator speedforce lightning and the chemical bath speedforce lightning coalesce and change him physically and mentally, making his hair platinum blond almost silver. His green eyes have faded to an almost grey white color but if you look very closely you can see small, almost imperceptible flakes of green as if the original wally, the one that everyone had come to love might still be in there somewhere. His body now an amalgamation of variant speedforce energies have changed his lightning into a bluish white color that he seems to have almost no control over. Arcs of lightning always flashing off of his body making his pale white skin glow brightly. To counteract this speedforce spasm he creates two suits one designed for everyday life that collects the extra speedforce energy he gives off and thanks to tachyon particles disperses it throught time and space almost imperceptibly (or something like that) the second suit is his battlesuit. Instead of dispersing his lightning this suit is created to direct his lightning anywhich way he pleases through the use of a silicon based superalloy and future tech he 'acquired' from the late eobard thawne that connects to his cerebellum allowing him to engage the SBSA (Silicon based super alloy) solenoids like a muscle activating and deactivating it (essentially it is a layer of SBSA that looks like the vectors on computor chips moving the SFL (speedforce lightning) Using microrelays microtransistors and microsolenoids (whether or not those are real) sending energy wherever it is needed) to the point he can release speedforce lightning in streams to attack his enemies from a far like a certain sith emper-*cough cough* essentially his suit is designed with the color scheme and technology similar to Flash Volume 6 Out of Times Future Flash but with Dc Rebirths pre 52 wally west design He is twice as fast as he used to be which although still not as fast as Barry allen flash is due to a lot of his energy turning into excess lightning in which he can use like a weapon He can phase unlike before albeit with more difficulty than barry and more consumption of energy (calories) He does have a love interest (patty spivot or linda park) and she is essentially the reason he is not a full blown villain hellbent on the destruction of his family the league and the team. If someone were to ever kill her though... I will leave that to you. The way speedforce has affected him mentally is it has made him easily distracted and easily angered when wearing the dispersal suit which he will later turn into a chip that he inbeds into his spine because... hows he going to bump uglies in what looks like spandex with SBSA Vectors all over the place. It is also activatable mentally. (Huge glaring weakness against telepaths but I'm not trying to make an impossible to beat character just a version of wally that people take extremely seriously)

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