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Hey. So, uh, you're here. Um?

Averagely short, blond, and with a sarcastic and occasionally cynical tint to life. Not pessimistic, however; my friend thinks I'm somewhat of an incorrigible optimist with moments of severe bitter insight. Hah. My lenses are transitions because Chico, California is bright even in the middle of a rain storm and I take my shit with salt and sugar. :D I like... tea... and books. And movies. And definitely music. I'm a Taurus and a Rooster under the respective zodiacs/stars, Ireland and Scotland catch my fancy more each day, and I've got an almost suicidal desire to learn six languages. My favorite characters say a lot about my personality, I think, though if you wanna analyze further, feel free. Philosophy and wordplay are my crack.

Quickest way to my heart is banter. For serz. O:3

So. Er. I've got a LiveJournal, viewable here. It's updated sporadically/often and contains further insight into my life. Occasionally, I post some writing there for feedback. But if you've not got a LiveJournal and still wanna talk or have questions or choose to tell me I'm weird, I've got two messengers, and I'm on at least one of them daily.

Yahoo! Instant Messenger: wolfenmagyk

MSN Instant Messenger: wezlyzwzrdweezez@

Er, other than that, some fandom stats:


Kingdom Hearts

Final Fantasy (limited - only played FFX, have seen Advent Children (which rocks my tiny world), and am currently playing FFXII. Which. I love like nucking futs. 8)

Ouran High School Host Club

Harry Potter


Avatar: the Last Airbender

:End Transmission:

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