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Reading. Writing. Drinking chai. Getting cavities.

-list of things I excel at

Been a fanfic lover since days of yore, many moons ago, but just created this alternate account to post stuff from (I like my anonymity, okay??).

My current focus is Bleach, but it changes. Since the manga has ended (tragically, some might say) that may be sooner than later. But I love the characters, even if I don't love the direction Kubo so hastily took them in.

My favorite pairings in Bleach are IchiRuki, ByaRuki, GrimmNel, RanGin, probably a few I'm forgetting. I don't hate Orihime. I guess I don't really like how she's written. She isn't given very much courage or agency, and I think that's part of why I really disliked the rushed and disjointed pairing in the end.

I tend to gravitate towards characters like Rukia--ones with flaws, insecurities, but that speak their mind and stand up for others. I think it's very similar to Ichigo's personality, which is why they really vibe together in my mind. Also they just have great chemistry.

"Remember we are layered beings—animal, plant, crystal sleep in the secret strata of bone, blood, brain, aura."

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