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Can't believe I never added anything to my bio.

Let's see. Dunno what to put here. Love reading and one of my co-workers put me onto FF and the rest is history. Started out mostly with The Mortal Instruments and a little of The 100. I also enjoy the Divergent fics. And then I discovered the Pitch Black/Riddick fics and that basically took over everything. LOL When I have to come up for air I'll hit up some TMI and then it's right back to my anti-hero in black. I really love the movies, except that whole Kyra dying business. So FF is a way for her to still be alive. Sweet.

Fave tunes mostly consist of Hip-Hop, metal, some techno mostly dnb type stuff. I actually listen to a lot of different stuff come to think about it. I do a little DJing for fun, so I have a vast variety of music. But I'm not really up on a lot of the newer stuff. Gotta get off FF for a while and explore some things. LOL

Just got into a few tv shows as I consider tv to be the devil. The 100 and Sense8 really started things. I also watch Shadowhunters. Now I'm a book shipper and I really didn't plan on watching the show. (Team Lily and Jamie.) And when I did I wasn't too impressed. But it has grown on me. They are doing much better. And I also dig Into The Badlands. I'm a sucker for movies tho. But I won't start with that right now.

I like different languages and I've been studying Spanish for a while. I took a couple of years of French in school. (Muchas lunas pasadas.) Many moons ago. So I started back up with that. And I'm actually just starting Japanese. (Wish me luck.) I got Rosetta Stone for x-mas a while back for the español. So I stay up on the español and the other languages on free apps.

That is wayyy more than I thought I'd put. So there it is for the time being. Some things about lil ole me. Take care my lovies and read on. (;

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