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Dragonheart Of Ireland
Joined Oct '16, Canada

Hi my name is Dragonheart Of Ireland. Before I became a site user, I was the guest Republic. Also, in ALL my fanfic's the supernatural (when in the applicable fanfic) exists (regardless if they are crossovers or not).

Of note: The author Mr Indigo is using two of my of My OC's (Although there are alterations in their physical appearance as well as Mr Indigo just using their first names): Rebecca "Becky" Abigail Fitzgerald and Chloe Annabelle Fitzgerald with my permission in his story: Code Geass The Past Present and Future. You can find my OC list here (hyperlinked directly to my OC list).

Also the Timeline of the Soviet Universe is now located in my Fourm as it's own thread.

I have two other accounts on this site. They are Kallen's Battalion and Dragon's Paladin. I have my own private reasons for never mentioning my Kallen's Battalion account till now.


Please checkout the link to my forum: Discussion Board And Other Miscellaneous Content (Both my OC list and the stories I like are now located here).

Of Extreme Importance (When in the applicable fanfic):

NONE of my CG fanfic's USE the ATB calendar, instead it uses the AD (Gregorian Calendar), thus (for instance) August 10th, 2017 is in fact: August 10th, 2017 AD (modern times).

I have an account on fiction Press as well: Here's the link: Dragonheart Of Ireland.

I occasionally checkout the Fanfic Help Desk, Critics United, Writer's Anonymous, Fanfiction Reform or Obliterate Group (FROG), Code Geass Crossover R&D and TAPIR Fourms from time to time.

I have a YouTube Channel: Dragonheart Of Ireland.

Also I'm on AO3. I go under my original Username: Republic Che.

Also if anyone wants to post challenges then go to the Writers Anonymous thread: Game: Did someone say challenge?: The Challenge Thread. If you wish to talk about Alternate (History) Countries go here: Writing: Countries/World History (Alternate History). If you wish to discuss story idea's go here: Writing: All Story Ideas Welcome Here. Also if you have ideas for fanfics go here: Writing: Brainstorm / Idea Bounce. The thread is always open.

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