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YeTianshi PM
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Let's start with introductions.

I like; Reading, games, exercise, food, and hanging out with friends.

I dislike; Gossip, Bullies, Disrespect, and those who believe themselves better than others.

1. Attempting to write fiction, many of which will likely never see the light of day as I have a habit of writing a couple of chapters before moving on to another idea. Eventually, I hit a point where I decided nothing would be released unless it was finished.

2. Spending time with friends, whether it is by gaming, going out on walks and chatting...etc.

3. Finding new exercise programs, I've dabbled in many different types and I like some more than others. So far Climbing and Calisthenics are some of the most fun, though I like the simplicity of working with weights. Swimming can be pretty seasonal and very particular about location, not as much freedom. Biking is pretty boring where I live because there's nothing of interest to really look at. So on and so forth...

Dreams; Secret.

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