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I love Yaoi. "I hate anything related to hetero and I especially hate when the male characters I like are turned females( ignoring the fact that I am one myself)", turns out I nowadays am pretty much into that, if only both male-male turned female characters practice fidelity and are not loose, especially females, because they in that sense should be superior to males and should know how to keep their knickers on. I have many OTPs but the ones

I truly love are from Naruto(mainly SasuNaru and NejiGaa), SnK(mainly Levi x Eren), xHaikyuu(mainly IwaOi and KageHina),

HPxTwilight Crossover(EdwardxHarry), HP(TomxHarry, DracoxHarry, TwinsxDraco, SeverusxHarry, TomxSeverus, LuciusxHarry, and three or foursome between above mentioned HP characters sans the twins), YOI(vitturi ofc, OtaYuri, and also VitYuraYuri),Vampire Knight(KanamexZero), Prince of Tennis(pillarpair, thrillpair, SanadaxYukimura, and some few others), L LawlietxLight, and single Grandmaster of Diabolism pairings, canon or fanmade.

From BnHA- TodoBaku, BakuTodo, BakuDeku.

Although I love fanfics I'm not very good at writing them but I can tell how well written a fanfic is, so I might give harsh comments and reviews and if you take offense in my reviews then I'm sorry but you should always be prepared because you cannot always expect daisies when you're asking for reviews, you know. Anyway, love live YAOI!!!!!!

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