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Heyo! It's Shadow of the Elements here, prepared to stuff your face with (mostly) Miraculous fanfics, amongst other things. I suppose I have to do this so: I don't own Miraculous, OHSHC, Yuri!!! on Ice, or The Seven Deadly Sins. I only own my "amazing" OCs. So far, I have these fanfics planned:

Lady Haruhi's Square Table of Knights (OHSHC one-shot)

The Magic Between Us (Miraculous Hogwarts AU) *ABANDONED

Expectations (Yuri!!! on Ice one-shot, Soulmates AU)

The Only One They Could (Not) See (Miraculous one-shot, Soulmates AU)

Untitled Miraculous one-shot with DJWifi

The First War: The Ultimate Laser Tag Battle (the next few are going to be a Miraculous one-shot trilogy)

The Second War: The Grande Paintball Duel

The Last War: The Snowball Royale of '17

The Best Mistake (Hetalia High School AU) (how original, I know)

These are definitely going to be uploaded/updated (depends on when you're reading this) eventually. Sorry if I make grammar mistakes when I write. Oh yeah, and let me make this clear: Do not complain about updates. I have a life, y'know?* Between homework, soccer, basketball, and everything else in between, I barely have any time to write. Yeah, and I rate most of my fanfics T just in case I accidentally drop the f-bomb.

Here are my fandoms/ships, in order of which I joined the fandom and how much I ship the ship (from OTP material to eh, I guess).





DJWifi (Nino x Alya)

Heartrate (Alix x Kim)

Nathaleka (Nathaniel x Juleka)

Mylivan (Mylene x Ivan)

PlikkiTagg (Tikki x Plagg)

Maxbrina (Max x Sabrina)

Rosali (Rose x Prince Ali)



The Seven Deadly Sins

Kiane (King x Diane)

Banlaine (Ban x Elaine)

Melizabeth (Meliodas x Elizabeth)

Gowther x Guila

Gilthunder x Margaret

Escanor x Merlin

Veronica x Griamore

Howzer x Jericho

Ouran High School Host Club

TamaHaru (Tamaki x Haruhi)

Kyenge (Kyoya x Renge)

MiTaka (Honey x Mori)

Yuri!!! on Ice

Vikturi (Viktor x Yuri)

OtaYuri (Otabek x Yurio)

Leoji (Leo x Guang Hong)

Seung Chu Chu (Seung-gil x Phichit)

Chris x Ice (it exists and it's terrifying)

The Devil Is A Part-Timer

Maou x Emi

Rika x Alciel

Suzuno x Lucifer

Sariel x That Random MgRonald's Lady

Your Lie in April

Kousei x Kaori

Tsubaki x Watari

Emi x Takeshi


USUK (America x England)

GerIta (Germany x Italy)

Spamano (Spain x Italy)

PruAusHun (Prussia x Austria x Hungary)

SuFin (Sweden x Finland)

RoChu (Russia x China)

DenNor (Denmark x Norway)

Franada (France x Canada)

Giripan (Greece x Japan)

HongIce (Hong Kong x Iceland)

LietPol (Poland x Lithuania)

ThaiViet (Vietnam x Thailand)

SeaWy (Sealand x Wy)

SebMona (Seborga x Monaco)

RomBul (Romania x Bulgaria)


Klance (Keith x Lance)

Lotura (Lotor x Allura)

Hunk x Shay

Shatt (Shiro x Matt)

So, a few things about me:

1. I'm a girl.

2. If you wanna know what my personality is, I'm a combo of Alix (cause I'm short and semi-violent), Lila (cause I'm clever and lie a lot), and a little bit of Rose and Juleka (idk why).

3. My favorite color is purple.

4. LadyNoir is my OTP.

5. I, personally, DESPISE fanon Marichat. What I mean by that is the idea that Marinette and Cat Noir are their "true" selves while Ladybug and Adrien are "superficial."

6. Unless it's a well-written fic.

7. Yo, I like writing comics. Occassionally

8. I am the innocent one of all my friends.

9. One of my friends, Goldilocks (that's just a nickname), is a total anime nerd. Her OTP is Victuuri, for those of you who know what that is. SMOL ANGRY RUSSIAN!

10. I watch an anime called Glitter Force. Deal with it.

11. Goldilocks looks exactly like the genderbent version of Yurio!

12. One of the other animes I watch is The Seven Deadly Sins and that's because the main character is a destructive teenage yellow haired green eyed boy that's voiced by Bryce Papenbrook (Coincidence much?)

14. I hate the number 13. That's why I skipped it.

15. Yeah, I call him Cat Noir, and not Chat Noir because I'm American and it's our duty to get everything wrong.

16. I buy sausage!

17. I swear, if you actually get what that's from...

18. My secret ambition is to become an author, and the only reason I'm bad at writing fanfics is because they're not my own characters.

19. In every chapter of every fanfic I write, I will call you my OTPeople. It's a term I made up.

20. I love calling Adrien a cinnamon roll.

21. I also love calling Nathanael "my tomato child."

22. I call the ultimate ship between Marinette, Adrien, Ladybug and Cat Noir Ladrienoirette.

23. The Hetalia fandom has consumed me. Hetalia is me. I am Hetalia. Ne ne papa, motherf*ckers.

24. I am nearly the smartest girl in my grade, but my classmates don't classify me as a nerd. They simply acknowledge the fact that I am insane.

25. I love looking at fanart! My favorite fanartists/artists are Ferisae, LemiaCrescent, Michelle (aka Twist3dDisast3r), avodkabottle, LeslieLu Marie, rhymingdreamer, naturalwind0, and Baraschino.

26. On Youtube, I constantly check for videos from Jenna Moreci, Solar Sands, CinemaSins, akidearest, Lost Pause, and the official Miraculous Ladybug channel.

27. My favorite Miraculous comic voiceover is the youtube video "Pajama Day" by Princess Sakura Serenity.

28. I love watching AMVs on youtube! My favorites are "Na Na Na" by Decai barchek, "Geronimo" by teashoping, "Girlfriend" and "Lucky Strike" by xPockying, "Control" by ladynoir trash, and "Take A Hint" by Alius Cogitabam.

29. I probably spelled most of those channel names wrong.

30. I'm that person (during The Lorax- How Bad Can I Be music video, the part when the Onceler puts the green suit on) who immediately thinks, 'SLYTHERIN!'

31. I have two songs stuck on my head.

32. The first one is Wicked Ones by Dorothy.

33. The second one is the Meow Mix cat food commercial.

34. Like Marinette, I have a crush on the guy that everyone else has a crush on.

35. He just happens to be the person who got the Meow Mix song stuck in my head when he randomly started singing it on the bus one day.

36. I am really bad at flirting (no really, try to imagine Alix flirting with Kim) so he, like Adrien, is probably under the impression that I hate him.

37. He has no idea that 90 percent of the girls in my grade have a crush on him, because some guys are really oblivious like that.

38. I kinda sorta may have purposely accidentally scratched a super thin layer of his skin off when he touched my pencil.

39. During my mini golf birthday party, I threw his golf club into a bush twice and gave him a riddle and told him to "go find it."

40. He doesn't like me back and probably thinks I have "problems."

41. Hey, it's not like I actually wanted to have a crush on this dude. I simply just can't ignore his existence, no matter how badly I try.

42. 4242 is my favorite number, even though I don't use it for any 4 digit number passwords.

43. I persuaded my friend to get a fanfiction account. Her name is swagmelons and she's one of my friends who curse on a daily basis.

44. Swagmelons is tomato child 2.0, and I got my gym teacher to call her "Tomato Child" during class.



47. I no longer have a crush on above dude.

48. angelonacloud5 deleted her Youtube channel. The Marukaite Chikyuus and Hatafutte Parades are gone. I might be driven more insane than I already am.

49. I draw. I write. I post. I'm a tripe threat, y'all. Check me out. tumblr: shadow-of-the-elements, deviantArt: ShadowOfTheElements

X3, Shadow of the Elements

(Pretend there's an asterisk here, idk why it won't show up) Conscience: At this point, Miraculous kinda is your life...

Me: Shut up, conscience.

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