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A perverted guy on a tablet/computer/laptop/phone who has challenged god to a faping contest and won(By default since God did not answer. Also don't ask which god).

Lover of many mangas, anime, wuxia novels, light novels in general and ones with sexy time in them(In the mountains one would hear roars of a tiger and the moun-*cough*-singing of birds). The winner and undisputed champion of the Faplimpics since 2016. His perversion has not stopped even once since his ascension to Perv Junior Apprentice status in 2008. Currently on a journey to find a holy place to rest his &%$*.

Titles held:

-Perv Junior Apprentice (2008)

-Perv Senior Apprentice (2008)

-Perv Senior Touch Class (2009)

-Perv Senior Stroke Class (2009)

-Perv Senior Shake Class (2009)

-Perv Senior Fap Class (2010)

-Great Perv (2011)

-Scholar Perv (2012)

-Fapgician (2014)

-Great Fapgician (2016)

-Arch Fapus (2016)

-Saint Fapion (2017)

-Pervy Sage (2018)

Current Titles:

-Lover of Women

-Sage of The Long Fap (2018) (Evolved into "Sage of The Long Smex" since the host is not a virgin.)

Next Title Conquest:

-Pervy Demi-God

OK, enough jokes(or are they?).

Posible fanfictions I might make:


Momonga had his soul split when the server of Yggdrasil shutdown. But the half that stayed, lived a life of a gear in the machine called sociality. He played the successor to Yggdrasil while becoming its strongest and most influential player through his gaming skills and high intellect. After reaching the peak he wandered and explored the game for 10 years.

Finding out he was severely ill he makes plans to make the supreme dungeon. After everything was completed he makes a great final war for his send-off, but mostly to see how many enemies he could take down. His illness catches him and his heart stops.

As a last wish, he is laid in a coffin in his own plane of existence in the game. Little did he suspect to reincarnate as a Skeleton in the new world. Now he has to use his skills and knowledge to overcome this and become the god of Death.

2.Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei:

Miyuki sacrificed herself to save Tatsuya from a spell specifically created to destroy him. In his rage, many "things" happen. Sometime after Tatsuya activates and uses the first Space-time spell and goes back in time.

3.Code Geass:

4.Overlord AUs:

4.1 Momonga as a ninja or half warrior and half ninja(Think of Madara Uchiha)

4.2 Momonga as a race level centered (70lv) Dark Elemental.

4.3 Momonga and OC: Smarter Momonga (is General Manager IRL). Extremely unsure if I will be able to not OC center it and is why I'm not thinking too much about it.

5.RWBY crossover with Code Geass:

Lelouch as Yang's twin brother.

6.Youjo Senki crossover with Code Geass:

A being plays around with the “game/experiment” a certain “Being X” made for a mortal, by giving a mortal a “helping hand”. What will the present and future hold for the girl thrown into a world of war and death?

Lelouch is sent to the world with Tanya and regains his memories at age 12. Starts army service at age 13 and meets Tanya (age 9) at age 15 at the start of the war.

Also putting characters in it from Hellsing Ultimate, Black Lagoon, (one)MKNR, OCs(as some people I met and am fond of(like bros)).

Collected a load of info on weapons, vehicles, strategies and more.

7.Code Geass and Highschool DxD Crossovers:

7.1 Born a Devil.

7.2 Comes to DxD universe after exiting the Abyssal world.

Lelouch after being sentenced to his suffering. He is sent to the Abyssal world where he is killed over and over and over again (they didn't take his immortality). After an “eternity” he finds a way to escape. Comes to DxD universe because he felt a familiar sensation coming from it. He breaches into the DxD universe but has his power “mysteriously” suppressed. Falls on the ground beneath the aftermath of the last battle of The Great War and is found as whilst in his 10-year-old state by Sirzechs Gremory.

7.3 Teleports In front of Khou Academy after “Canon” Death.

7.4 Created as the first angel of God:

-However, became Fallen Angel(you know why) immediately after God finished creating him. God feared his creation, how it became a Fallen Angel immediately upon its "birth". Unwilling to destroy his firstborn he locked him in an ancient seal and metal prison, then he sent it away in the Dimensional Gap.

There is a great probability that I will make one with the ideas for the characters and story from the first two or three stories (7.1-7.3).

8.Overlord crossover with DanMachi (Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darouka/Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Momonga/Suzuki Satoru is brought to the DanMachi universe by a Multiverse being and is turned into a God as well as given Nazarick in a form of a palm-sized golden tower, Spirit Artefact, that can be absorbed into the body of the owner.

During his transformation, a lot of information is given to him about Tenkai/Heaven and Gekai/Earth/Mortal World, while also about the Dungeon and the “game” the gods are playing. He is “formed” above the city, while the other gods think he is descending from Tenkai. Nazarick is “inside” him in a stasis-like a state. The Multiverse being told him that the world below might get a bit rowdy and that he should try out a bit this game the gods are playing.

9.Highschool of The Dead(might cross it or add monsters from resident evil or similar)

A scientist, and grandfather to Takashi Komuro. Used his own grandson from a young age as a “lab rat” to make a “better human” in various experiments.

10. Naruko (fem Naruto) sent to the past during the waring stats period. Inspired by "Quill Q" and his "Second Wind" story.

When they are just about to lose in their battle against Kaguya, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the sage of six paths takes Naruko before the final blow to her is struck. When he takes her into a distorted and chaotic dimension, later known as chaotic streams of space-time, the space between dimensions and more.

He tells her that he is sending her to the past and that she will have to change some things there to make a better chance for everyone to survive.

11.RWBY and Madara Uchiha(from Naruto) Crossover

Madara is sent to Remnant by a being of unknown power and reasons. Sent a year before rwby canon starts.

It locked his chakra and started to create and modify a physical body for Madara to use in the world he will be sent to. The body looks to be in its late teens or early twenties. After “giving (imbues a strand of light into Madara’s forehead)” Madara some information about Remnant.

For now. Might think of more. But need to create.

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