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I’m currently working on:

Dinner with the Inquisition- a Jak and Maternin short story

"Tell me Lady Vail, do you trust everybody here?"

"What a scandalous question to ask! I am an ordained Inquisitor of the Holy Ordos, here amongst my brethren.
No, I don't trust a one of them. To an Inquisitor, everyone is a suspect."

Set in the Warhammer 40k universe. Rogue Trader Jak Velasquez and his companions are invited to dine with three powerful and disparate Inquisitors, Amberley Vail, Fyodor Karamazov, and Yrobael Tzuma. But in the background an assassin lurks, one who is intent on this dinner ending in slaughter. With the aid of his trusted companion, the tech priestess Maternin Shyendi, and with the fires of a great purge lighting the night sky outside, Jak must stop the assassin, and prevent all out chaos. But to do this, they need to find out which Inquisitors they can trust, and which may be trying to kill them.

Status: Completed

The Very Devil of the Stars- a Rogue Trader adventure

"How many free men are there in the galaxy, truly? High Lords, madmen and us. Here at the bleeding edge of space.”

Set in the Warhammer 40K universe. Tells the story of the burgeoning career of a young Rogue Trader, with all the adventure, romance, giant bloody spaceships and poor decision making that entails. Based on the FFG Rogue Trader RPG, which means it's a little lighter and prone towards the swashbuckling than most 40K fare. It also features a cast of almost entirely original characters, so if that's not for you then Imperial Truths might be more up your alley (lots of known characters, space marines and manly tears).

Status: Updates twice a month

Imperial Truths

“Don’t you see? That is why he created us. That is our purpose. To be the flawed vessels for his grace.
To be the individual aspects of the Emperor, able to walk amongst humankind. To show him true humanity.”

“And that justifies rebellion?”

“Brother, it demands rebellion."

Set in the Warhammer 40k (30k?) universe during the Horus Heresy. My take on the lost Primarchs and Astartes of the II and XI legions. Keeps as close as I can to what I know about the two, but I'm no expert on this stuff and there's likely a bunch of hints that I've missed, so feel free to call me a liar and a charlatan. The structure of the story is a bit of a bastard to manage, and I'm committed to six interlocking parts, so some will be 5000 words and some will be more like 15000.

Status: Updates sporadically, each part is done when it's done. (August 2017 update: I quickly realised that I bit off too much with this story, jumping into the universe before I had any idea about the complexities of its contours. Which is to say that I like this story, but it is on hiatus for now. I'll leave it up here, but there's no timeline for when it will update, and any updates will probably get posted somewhere that I can receive more feedback on the history of the Heresy.)

It seems polite to mention, in case there was any doubt on a website called fan fiction, that I do not own any part of the Warhammer 40K Universe or its characters. They are owned by Games Workshop.

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