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Not sure who is stalking me here but welcome in any regard.

University graduate from Australia. Hobby writer. Sports lover. Book worm. Shift worker... *sigh*

Not great at selling myself (which is probably not great in the job market). I hope that my stories sell themselves. Again, probably not the best for the actual books that I am hoping to get published one day.

For the one person who asked... I am a guy.

Thanks for reading!

Current Stories:

Main story - Mass Effect: Plan for the Galaxy - Status: Active

Wildcard stories - All active but updates via vote on pat-re-on

Saiyan Effect - Dragon Ball Super x Mass Effect

I am Not a Mage - Fairy Tail

Is it Wrong for a Soldier to Take on Orario? - Danmachi (Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?)

A Heroes Campaign - Harry Potter x Heroes of Might and Magic

The Wandering Huntsman - RWBY

A new chapter for PFTG will be posted every month. Another chapter from a story from what I am calling my 'wildcard' list will also be posted every month. Voting for this will soon be available on my Pat-re-on every month.

I now have a Pat-re-on. Look up Bored Peasant's Written Works and you should find it there! I hope that you can support me there so I can spend more time writing for everyone here.

I will be cross-posting on AO3 as BoredPeasant.

Special thanks to Arrimar26, Austin, Ben wanless, Brian, BuzzGrave, Eligah Moreno, Ezoz, FallenMetalGod, felipe Saavedra, Freeman, Hyaaa B1tch, Jason Moreno, Jermaine Key, Kushtacah, liquidpotato, MathTheOriginal, My Name is Klondike, Overlord, Paul Fischer, Proxy, r4p16, Robert Tipton, Sith_Paladin, sonic, The Senn Master, Tristan d'conceicao and UtopiaKnight39 for their Pat-re-on donation! It means so much.

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