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Hello ladies and gentleman.

I am just a writer with some free time that want to give a try at writing some ficcs, like the ones that I have come to enjoy over the time. I am doing this for fun, no for money and I do not own any of the series that I use to create my ficcs.

I have many ideas to write ficc but because I belong to the people that has to work to earn a living, I can only write a small number of ficc at the time.

If you want to use some of the ideas of my ficcs to create your own ficc, feel free to do it, just send me PM so I can follow your ficc.

Also I would like to share some ideas that I have for new stories.


There are many ficcs about Mass Effect and many are crossovers, but many of them follow the same plot line and just change the System Alliance for the other universe version of the humans. For that reason, I would like to share two ideas that can be used together or alone to create a ficc.

Both ideas are based on the concept that when the humans find the ruins on Mars, they already have FTL and because there is no enough element zero, this force them to create tech that can do the same without the mass effect tech, and with time even outperformance the mass effect tech.

1. Mankind arrive to the Galactic scene after the Reapers won the war, now the humans had to help the survivors to escape. They manage to do it by destroying the mass relay that lead towards the human territory, now with the reapers traveling using their FTL, so they know that they had to get ready for their arrive. That force the citadel races to learn to use the human (element zero free) tech. I already did a one shot using an old series that a friend recommends me and that I liked, The Exo Squad, you can find that ficc here on my profile.

2. I always wondered what will happen if the Asari receive a big cultural and social shock when the human race arrives and feel that their place in the galaxy in in jeopardy. The Asari power in the Galaxy is based on their long lives, their Technology and finally their Biotics. So what would happen if they meet a human race that can challenge them in those aspect, had anyone remember a series named tomorrow people, where people that began to evolve are hunted down, the powers that they have are Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation and the more powerful Chronokinesis, the reason why I use this series as example and not the X men, is because every one of them has the same powers, what it chance is the level and range of the powers that each person has. So I wonder what will happen from the Asari point of view when they see a new race that powers that challenge their own and an advance technology to back them up.

Naruto Ideas.

I am a great Naruto/Hinata fan, but I also enjoy harems ficc if they are well write, in special if they have original plot lines.

I have already share these ideas with Narhina in his forum and he ended writing one of them, he even gives me the credit of the idea in the first chapter. But I want to share them again with all of you.

1. The dragon container: An crossover between Fairly Tail and Naruto (Only a little part) If you had also saw Fairly Tail, at the end of the Tartarous saga we saw how all the dragons disappeared in the air. But what if in that moment in Naruto universe the Kyubi attack Konoha and is inside Naruto's sister or brother. But at the same time the essence of all the dragons gets inside Naruto and because of that a new more powerful dragon is born from the union of all the others dragons inside Naruto. It will be a Neglected story; you can have made that instead of the sage mode Naruto use the dragon force. Even if the dragons come from the fairly tail universe the events will happen in Naruto Universe with only Naruto's characters. I will send you the link of NarHina’s ficc based on this challenge.


2. The Journey of Souls: Because an accident in the Uzumaki mask temple Naruto now can remember the memories of his past two lives, Azura the younger son of the sage and Hashirama Senju, but those memories come little by little and with them his powers and skill will grew stronger. I will not say to much about this one because I am already writing a ficc using this idea, that you can find on my profile.

Fate Stay Night ideas

Denial of nothingness: Sorcerers, the highest rank that a Thaumaturgy practitioner can hope to achieve. But only those that can use real true magic can achieve. But what would happen if Shirou could use one of the lose true magic’s, Denial of nothingness. That allow him to create objects from nothing, and they become reals.

The idea is use the time travel plot line. In a future where Shirou lose everything by some miracle he manages to get back in time to a few days before he was found by Kiritsugu. So he chose to change the future, first he rescues Illyan and Sakura, he also wants to save Rin but she couldn’t do it without attract the attention of Gilgamesh and Kirie. The day of the fire, he put Illya and Sakura next to his young version and began to dissipate in sparks of light that join with his younger version. In that moment Kiritsugu arrive and is surprise to find Illya there with two others kids, he recognizes Sakura for his research about the participants of the grail war and their families, but he has no idea about the boy, but he chose to save them as well with Illya.

At this point you have two options.

One, Somehow Rin reunite with Sakura in the Emiya home and live there.

Two, Rin believe that even Sakura died in the grial war and leave to London to study in the clock tower.

In either options, Shirou ended developing his UBW but he also sees that with time his projections remain in the world as something real, something that is different from the memories that he has from his future version

When the moment for fifth grail war come, this will affect the result.

You can make that each one manages to keep their servant after the war.

In the case of Rin it will be interesting to see if she summons Archer, or any other servant, she could even summon Shirou, something that could be very funny if he has already summoned saber.

The main plot of this idea is what will happen after the war? There are many ficcs that shows new versions of the events of the war, but what happened after that?

I would like to see how Shirou, Sakura, Illya and Rin go to London to study in the clock tower. Even more if they go with Saber and Rider.

Also what would happen in the clock tower if they learn that the son of the magus killer is now a Sorcerer. Will Luvia wan to get involve either by fun or prestige at been friend with a Sorcerer?

The main plot line will show not only the magic school life but the hunts of dead apostles.

Battle Star Galactica idea.

Some time ago a friend of me recommend me an American cartoon series named the ExoSquad. I saw a lot in common with the main plot of Battle Star Galactica.

So I wondered why no one has ever made a crossover with these two series. I mean see the colonial react to the E Frames and Cloak tech will be interesting. On the other hand, if the Earth humans have not developed a FTL system or already have one that is not as fast as the one use by the colonials will be very interesting.

The only suggestion that I could made is that if someone made a crossover using this idea, that made the events of the story happen decades later after the second human/Neo sapiens war.

I already have a one shot using the ExoSquat. If you want to read it and use elements of that ficc, feel free to do it.

You are free to use any of this ideas of the ones on the stories that I have write. Just send me PM to follow yours ficcs and if you need any assistance I will be happy to help.

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