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Name: Kelsey G.

Birthday: October 21

Background: Irish and Polish

Gender: Female

Location: Illinois, USA

Contacting Me: my livejournal (http:///users/oookelcitaooo/ and emailing me by comcast because AOL was deleted.


In Progress

What TMM Would Never Say or Do (WTMMWNSOD): Reviewers and I take the characters of the show and make them do the oddest of things...

Episode Bloopers: Really, that's just it. For the Avatar: The Last Airbender. Disclaimer (found only here) I don't own avatar! But I DO need some suggestions, though.I can only think of some at once


A Hopeless Love is Caught (Literally): Just as a figure that looks like Masaya pushes Ichigo over the edge of tokyo tower, no one she sees is around to help her falling, plunging to her death. Kish/Ichigo

The ABC's of Mew Mew's Plots (SOME): the ABC's of what certain plots in TMM...making it go off course much! like... A: Apple hits Kish on the head on day, maing him finally realize that he'll never get Ichigo, involving the whole alphebit(sp)

Wild Adventure: Kish and Ichigo get stuck in a forest after fighting. But can they stay alive long enough to get out? Kish/Ichigo

Coming soon- Work in Progress

Possibly Martin Mystery

Possibly Avatar

Important Notices

News Flash! Important

I need ideas 4 my current running story, WTMMWNDorS- ya i know its very long- just look down there to see what it really means just review the story on any chappie, type down the stuff, and push the lil button that says 'sumit' or whatev. thankx! 3 3

Questions, comments, concerns, just send them to MintyFresh91@ cuz my AOL account was deleted

riddle of the day:

A black dog stands in the middle of an intersecton in a town painted black. None of the street lights are working due to a power failure caused by a storm. A car with two broken headlights drives towards the dog but turns in time to avoid hitting him. How could the driver have seen the dog in time?

Answer: (It was daytime)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Love you reviewers dearly!


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