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Hello, My Name Is Kronus and It is A Pleasure To Meet Yo all.

I Don Like Many Things I Usaully Just Live And Do Things To Keep Me Sane. Sadly Im Not Much Of A Writer But A Friend Of Mine Recomended Me To Use Fanfiction Site As A Good Place To Practice.

A For The Things I Lke To Do Is Read, Try New Foods, Spend Time With Friends, Watching Horror Movies(Not Paranormal Ones Those Freak Me Out) and The Ocasional Drawing.

As For Which Fandom Im From I Started From Homestuck(Im Still A Fan) and I Got Into RWBY Through Its Music. Other's Are The Metroid And Zelda Franchise From Nintindo (I Like Mario But Never Was One For Its Fandom). Shows Are Naruto(Basic I Know), Attack On Titan, My Hero Acadamia, and The Dragon Ball Series( GT Not Included). An The Favorite Of All Digimon! First One Ever Saw Was Tamers And I Still Say Dukemons X Evolution Should Still Have Use Some Of Megidramons Data For More Power.

As For My Writing I Only Have On In Paper And Some Ideas Ill Probably Put Together For People To Read My Collection Of Drabbles and What Not.

Now Enjoy My Miracles My Brothers And Sisters Of Fandoms And Curiosity And Let Your Self Enter A World Of Absolute Fiction.

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