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Well there's not much to say about myself except i'm a college student who loves to play sports, an avid Parkour Traceur and enjoys reading. I'm 20 and i'm a bum...not really but i feel like one. Anything else i want to add...hhmmmmm...Nope don't see anything worth mentioning...Oh if i forget to review your story and add you/it to my story alerts feel free to get mad at me in an e-mail cuz i tend to forget to review and i tend to read 12-50 stories a day cuz i have alot of free time on my hands (I was an over achiever early on and therefore only take a few classes a week...hehe) or i'm getting ready to compete for a game/event/competition/dares and anything else that i fancy at the moment tends to distract me from filling out reviews. Other than that yea...So without further ado I shall end this description and continue to surf fanfiction to read stories...anything else...hmmm...i'm sure i'm leaving out alot of stuff but oh well i'm lazy...oh yea if you see a review from sealkid3 too lazy to long in or something along thoselines it's me cuz yea i literally will not spare ten seconds to type in my login info. Anyways if anyones wants ideas for a story or help proofreading i'm up for it just tell me like in advance and ride my butt cuz i tend to zone out and forget alot so yea. Well then thanks for losing a few minutes of your enjoyment time reading this and hopefully you feel as though you have discovered the meaning of life after doing so and if not well i'm sorry for bringing you closer to death, contact my lawyer and we can reach a settlement for the emotional distress i've caused you. Also i tend to review after i've read through the story and not each chapter unless i feel such a strong feeling to do so...which will never happen as far as i'm concerned..unless the story is so heavenly i need to leave praise for the author. Yep that's it.

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