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Danganronpa Airlines: First Class Despair - UPDATE STATUS: As of 10/14/2017, I have uploaded the complete version of "Order in the Food Court" and currently working on completing the next update with the second set of FTEs for chapter one!

Danganronpa Airlines: First Class Despair: Behind the Scenes - UPDATE STATUS: As of 10/14/2017, the next update which is the cast interviews has been placed on hold while I gather some more cast information before proceeding.

Danganronpa First Class: Lessons of Despair - UPDATE STATUS: As of 10/14/2017, the fourth prologue has been uploaded along with the selected cast! Submissions are closed as I'm currently working on the first set of cast introductions.

Danganronpa: Dusk Till Dawn - UPDATE STATUS: As of 10/14/2017, the first prologue has been posted along with submissions being open!

Danganronpa Airlines: First Class Despair - CAST ART: These are the links for the drawings of the FCD cast! I honestly and truly appreciate the time and effort being put into creating these pics! I can't thank you enough for doing this and making these characters come to life, it's truly amazing seeing this, and props to you artists out there, I will forever thank you guys for taking the time to make these awesome cast pics, whether it's your own or the passengers in general!

UPDATE: I had no idea that links on here don't actually work, lol whoops, my bad! Here's the actual links to the cast art but be sure to remove the spaces!

  1. SHSL Youtaite - Euterpe "Effie" Iizuka: http ://aki-chan2014 . tumblr . com / post / 155029721574 / my-oc-euterpe-iizuka-who-prefers-to-be-called
  2. SHSL Police Officer - Akira Nakashima, SHSL Beta Tester - Kurzuri Inanime, and SHSL Classical Musician - Crystelle Valliere: http:// aki-chan2014 . tumblr . com / post / 155030238414/ i-also-ended-up-deciding-to-draw-a-few-more
  3. SHSL Figure Skater - Setsuka Aihara and SHSL Tracker - Keefe Ng Jun Hui: https:// aki-chan2014 . tumblr . com / post / 157025651279 / more-danganronpa-airlines-characters-this-time-i
  1. The Nakashima Sisters - Akira and Reina Nakashima: imgur . com / ZxpGwRM
  2. SHSL Police Officer - Akira Nakashima and SHSL Figure Skater - Setsuka Aihara (Akisuka): imgur . com / 5ONyt4h
  3. SHSL Surgeon - Eclair Stuart: imgur . com / l1d5YQJ
  4. SHSL Cartographer - September Simon: imgur . com / y9soD6l
  1. SHSL Figure Skater - Setsuka Aihara: http ://chocolatepiccolos . tumblr . com / post / 155182685258 / its-everyones-fave-shsl-ice-skater-setsuka

Danganronpa First Class: Lessons of Despair - CAST ART: These are the links for the drawings of the LOD cast! It's still really cool and amazing how you guys manage to bring these characters to life by giving a visual! Thank you guys for taking the time and effort to make these incredible cast art!

  1. Homeroom Teacher of the 76th Class/Former SHSL Ice Climber - Zenko Sakimoto: https ://imgur . com / gallery / ilTWm
  1. Homeroom Teacher for Class 2B/Former SHSL Wigmaker - Futaba Tamura: https:// aki-chan2014 . tumblr . com / post / 166575524229 / futaba-tamura-the-former-shsl-wigmaker-homeroom

Danganronpa Airlines: First Class Despair - LAYOUT OF LOCATIONS: These are the links for the layout of each location within the airplane corresponding to the descriptions given throughout the story (namely "Exploration of Destination")! I'm currently working on completing them all, of course!

Inside the Passengers' Suites: http ://imgur . com / 9RhiJiu The West Wing: http ://imgur . com / ssnJQiy

Possible projects coming out sometime later this year!:

Danganronpa First Class: Lessons of Despair: Behind the Scenes - Basically a "what if" scenario of the DR universe not being real with actors playing the LOD characters. So really, LOD: BTS is just fluffy cast interactions in an alternate universe where the upcoming deaths and despair isn't real!

Hey guys! My name's Kay so come say hey!

About Me: I'm currently an eighteen year old that recently graduated high school with the Class of 2017! I'm the youngest out of my siblings; two brothers and one sister. Also, I'm from Texas in the United States, which might surprise some of you considering I never say "Y'all"...Majority of my ethnicity is Pacific Islander with me being 50% Guamanian, 25% Filipino, and 25% Japanese, which I really take pride in! In my free time I enjoy doing volunteer activities with NHS (National Honor Society), attending concerts with my friends and theme parks, playing video games, hanging out with family and friends, and occasionally writing. The reason why I enjoy writing so much is because I have such a damn overactive imagination when it comes to creating stories! But anyways, I also love making new friends so feel free to hit me up whenever!

Meaning Behind the Username: Basically it's a combination of my interests to be honest. SHSL is from the Danganronpa Series, Revival is from Selena Gomez's album Revival, and All In My Head is a song from Fifth Harmony.

Instagram: kaylg99

Tumblr: a-lonely-night-deliver (Although honestly it's a bunch of random stuff ranging from puppies to DR to political things, etc)

Twitter: xKaylin17x

Snapchat: kayxneonxlights

Favorite Singers: Fifth Harmony, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendes, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Beyonce, Alessia Cara, Hayley Kiyoko, Tinashe, Maroon 5, Enrique Iglesias, Jacob Latimore, The Weeknd, Kehlani, Dua Lipa, Halsey, and Shakira

Favorite Shows: The Walking Dead and Grey's Anatomy

Favorite Video Games: Danganronpa Series, anything Telltale's Games related: The Walking Dead Game Series, The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, Batman, Tales From the Borderlands, etc...The Uncharted Series, Tomb Raider Series, Life is Strange, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Dance Central/Just Dance games, Until Dawn, The Division, The Dead Island Series, etc...

"Be confident. Be compassionate. Be intelligent. Be humble. Be generous. The universe returns to you what you put out." - Lauren Jauregui

~ First Class Despair: Optional Actor Adjustments Form ~

Actor's Name: (Western Order with first name, last name. Also, you could change just half of their name if you want, for instance, for Akira and Ayumi, I kept their first names the same but changed their last names. )


Real Age: (I mean, there's so many times when an actor would play a role with the character's age younger than their actual age. Ex: Sometimes a twenty something year old play a high school teenager.)

Sexual Orientation: (There's times when a straight actor would play a LGBT character or vice versa.)

Appearance Changes: (This applies to the physical aspects of your character that may or may not be different from the passenger they play on FCD. Maybe the eye color they have in FCD isn't their eye color in real life? Maybe they had to wear makeup in order to conceal tattoos? Maybe the hair color and style in FCD is completely different in real life and they had to use dye or a wig? Those sort of things!)

Clothing: (Does the actor's clothing style differ from their character's? This also includes contacts/glasses and accessories as well!)

Personality Changes: (How different is the actor from the character they play personality-wise? Maybe they share the exact same cheery energy offset? Or maybe they're the polar opposite with being a jerk on screen and a sweetheart off screen or vice versa?)

Speech Changes: (Does the actor's speech pattern differ from their character's? Maybe a smooth talker on screen is actually a stuttering mess off screen? Do they have an accent?)

Other: (Is there anything else you would like to change about your character that hasn't been covered?)

~Danganronpa: Dusk Till Dawn Submission Form~

* = Optional

~ General ~

Name: (Western order with first name, last name)

* Nickname(s):

SHSL Talent: (This is your character's SHSL talent outside of the party which will be referenced in flashback chapters.)

Character Role During the Party: (Instead of talents, what character role should your character play during the party to match the theme of the 2010s era? Their role doesn't have to be specific, it could be broad as long as it's something that would exist during the 2010s. Ex: Satsuki is The Hostess or other suggestions could be: The Vlogger, The Gamer, The Dancer, The Pop Idol, The Professor, etc…)

Age: (Age range is 17-19)

Gender: (Female, male, intersex, non binary, etc basically anything can go! If the character has a preferred pronoun, please tell me! Also, I'll make a list of the number of submitted gender so we could see where we're at.)

Nationality: (Basically what country do they come from, also remember they can come from any country but do some research as well!)


Sexual Orientation: (Just like for gender, anything can go! Straight, gay, lesbian, pansexual, asexual, etc can go here! But, if it's something that I might not know from it being not common, be sure to expand on explaining it a bit so I can be educated on it.)

* Health Problem(s): (Do they have a terminal illness? Bad eyesight and needs to wear glasses or contacts? Just any type of health issue in general that could potentially affect their gameplay during challenges.)

~ Appearance ~

Height: (In feet and inches)

Weight: (In pounds)

Build: (Are they average build? Muscular giant? Athletic toned with broad shoulders? That kind of things! The more descriptive the better…)

Eye Color: (Try to stray away from heterochromia because there's only so many people that could actually inherit this and I'll probably accept only one character with this.)

Hair Color & Style: (This includes length as well)

Skin Complexion:

* Any physical scars or markings?: (This could be actual scars or loss of limb or tattoos or birthmarks, etc)

Clothing: (This would be the same clothes they wear throughout the whole story, so choose wisely! Make sure it fits the theme of the 2010s and makes their role obvious! Also, this is a fancy dinner party, so have your character wear a formal or semi-formal outfit, y'know no T-shirts and jeans type of clothes.)

* Accessories:

~ Personality ~

Personality: (Self-explanatory, except this time, majority of your character's personality should be based on the role they're playing and should reflect the attitude of the 2010s. Ex: Singers would be sociable and friendly or investigative type roles would be more skeptical and aware of their surroundings, etc…)

Likes: (Minimum is 5 and maximum is 10)

Dislikes: (Minimum is 5 and maximum is 10)


* Attitude & Perception: (How do they view the world in general? Are they optimistic that everything will get better or looks at the negative side of things?)

Strengths: (This is for physical and mental strengths that would work for their advantage in this type of situation. Let's do three to five things here.)

Weaknesses: (This is for physical and mental weaknesses that would serve as a problem to them in this type of situation. Let's do three to five things here.)

* Habits/Quirks/Tendencies:

~ During the Game ~

Typical Behavior During a Party: (Is your character a social butterfly that could easily make conversation with anyone? A party animal/the life of the party? Or maybe a stuttering and/or shy mess that's just chilling in the corner watching everyone else have fun? Etc…)

Role in Investigation: (Basically, what does your character do when the guests have to find clues and the answers to the clues? Take charge of the investigation? Be a follower and stay with others they've formed an alliance with? Be a loner and venture off on their own? Intelligence-wise, would they struggle with solving core subject (math, science, literature, etc…) riddles?)

Type of People They Would Get Along With: (What type of people would your character become friends with? Maybe even to the point where they form an alliance later on?)

Type of People They Wouldn't Get Along With: (What type of people would your character try to avoid/have potential conflict with?)

Interested in romance?: (Yes or no answer here)

If yes, what kind of people would they be interested in?: (Depending on the results, I may or may not have one or two couples that have been established prior to the game. Otherwise the most that would happen would be attractions/crushes for romance.)

~ In Game Reactions ~

Reaction to Being Locked in: (How would your character react to the announcement that they're locked in the house and can't leave?)

Reaction to Voting System Announcement: (Basically how would your character react to having to vote for two of their peers to face each other in a life or death challenge?)

Reaction to Being Voted: (How would your character react to being picked to participate in a life or death challenge? Would they feel shocked and betrayed by their peers? Not surprised? Pretend to be cocky to cover up their fear? Etc…)

Reaction to Winning a Challenge:

Reaction to Witnessing Someone Being Killed: (How would your character feel about having to witness the loser of a challenge be killed in front of them? Maybe they would try to fight back? Cover their eyes? Etc…)

Reaction to Losing a Challenge: (How would your character feel about losing a challenge and knowing they're about to be killed because of it? Would they beg for their life? Would they try to run away? Attempt to fight? Maybe even accept it with no objections? Etc…)

Reaction to Betrayal: (How would your character react after receiving first-hand betrayal? How about witnessing it happen to another guest? Would it affect their trust with their peers later on?)

~ Voice ~

Quotes: (At least 5, can include their introduction and reaction quotes)

* Introduction: (How does your character introduce their character role to the other guests? Can include quote and/or description!)

* Agreement Quote: (Example quotes of them agreeing with something)

* Disagreement Quote: (Example quotes of them highly disagreeing with something)

* Give Up Quote: (Example quotes of them giving up on something whether it's dealing with a stubborn guest or surrendering, etc...)

Speech Pattern: (Does your character have a certain accent while speaking? Extremely formal? Do they have a clean or a vulgar sailor mouth? Any stutters? Etc...)

Voice Tone: (Do they have a seductive sultry voice? A gruff voice? A very high-pitch squeaky voice? Etc…)

~ Other ~

Other: (Is there anything else I should know about your character that hasn't been covered?)

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