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To all who are reading this: Hello! Thanks for visiting my profile page!

Currently I have 11 official stories written for the Detective Conan/Magic Kaito fandom with more in the works. .

Current Finished Projects

-(Belated) Broken Birthday Celebration-

-Poisson D' Avril: An April Fools Day One Shot-

Projects Under Construction

-There Is Only One Lie- (Missing final 1/2 omakes)

-Unexpected Surprises- (Missing Ran/Kaito's omakes)

Ongoing/Unfinished Projects

-Adventures Of The Phantom Pirates- Current Chapter 6

-Moonlight Reflections- Current Chapter 9

-Valentines Musical Masquerade Mixer- Current Chapter 7: No 21 Artist Life Waltz Champagner

-Movies with Meitantei and Magician-Current Chapter 1: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

-It's Not Always Black And White Pkmn xover-Current Chapter 1: New Faces, New Places

Halloween at Masked Mystery Mansion Current Chapter 1

How To Keep A Conan-Current Chapter 2

Currently Unnamed Planned Projects

-Heiji/Kaito friendship biker fic- Heiji/Kaito go undercover (meeting eachother by accident) in a street race.

-Aoko birthday story- A year after Kaito has become KID Kaito has to figure out a way to one up his gift for Aoko last year

Thats the end of my list for now! I hope you all enjoy whatever I have to offer for you :D

Favorite Quotes from other authors fanfics! (Please support their awesome work!)

Kaito to Hakuba in AU fic Where There's a Thief There's a Detective by Lisa Telramor

"Also, did you know Akako doesn't like you? Because she had some very not nice things to say about you."

Kaito/Shinichi in AU fic Texting, Batman, and Other Hazards of Friendship by Ichthyophobia

"I have the sense to wear bullet proof vests!"

"They don't make them in my size!"

"I will make you one. And you will wear it. And it will say "IDIOT CHILD, PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT" in big letters on the back.

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