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Thyrussianbear PM
Joined Oct '16

I.D: T3badas,

Hobbies: gaming, watching anime, reading,

what I like: the couple Anime's i watch (I'm a causal so be TO excited about me), Computer's, Gun's( :D ), fantasy, video games, an noble, and of course, Russians and bears, one is cause they are funny, and the other is from my name.

what I dislike: drama (in real life, and some anime's, * cough cough, ...dragon ball series... cough*), weeaboo's (yes i know the difference of a weeaboo and a Otaku), my hipster "brother" when he is dumb, haters, and eggplants...*mutters something about demon plant*

"we are the hero's that never get the attention we deserve. but we don't care, for we know what we did to help" - A good man.

I will mainly be writing about RWBY or Halo as these are Stories I am most comfortable writing as I know a good amount of each series.

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