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Hey there! Here are just a few things I think you should know about me and my writing:

I have a pretty formal style of writing, but not too much, like an essay or something. I like to write about a lot of different things, but mostly about anime, as that is my forte. I also like crossovers between different stories, as I feel that jazzes things up a bit. If you absolutely despise when people don't use proper grammar or punctuation like I do, you have come to the right place. I'm an absolute neat-freak about that stuff. I don't have a personal editor to check over my work for correct English, but I will personally check it over (most every time). Most of my writing will not change the main characters too much, so don't worry about that. If I do have intentions to make drastic changes to their character, I will give a fair warning. I will try and keep chapters from 1K-2K words each, so they are not too long, but also not too short. I don't have the most free time, so I won't update that frequently, but I am assure you that I won't just abandon a story without merit or warning, and also won't go completely AWOL for long periods of time. I will try to update my stories about once every week, probably on a Sunday. I will also try to respond to any and all reviews and PMs (private messages), though I make no promises. Also, my writing is strictly PG-13. I will never curse or use any profanity of any kind. There might possibly be mentions of either sex, violence, or abuse, but never explicitly. The worst violence there will be is battles in the types of stories that typically do, but no blood or gore. Though I will say, because of Cana from Fairy Tail, I don't think I can ever safely say that I will not have alcohol in my stories (naughty Cana, but ya gotta love her). Lastly, all my writing is totally non-profitable. I only write for fun, and for possible readers.

That's pretty much all you should have to know about me. Please, enjoy :)

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