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Big Bear from Canada who enjoys Viking stuff and Warhammer 40k and now Wildehopps (don't know how that happened just did).

Ok I guess now that i'm a writer I should probably add a bit more to my profile...hmmmm


Wilde Style: Canon Zootopia Universe.

Planned Stories: (all will be zootopia and have WildeHopps, not sure when or if I will get to these but they are planned)

-Three Musketeers themed AU

-WWII Themed AU

-WildeHopps Alternate first meeting AU

-Tailspin themed AU

-Wilde West themed AU

-Sharpe's Rifles themed AU (Napoleonic wars)

-sort of Primal dystopian world AU: (terrible description I know)

-Naval/Pirate themed AU

-Highschool AU

-Nick is a cop sent to bunnyburrow and meets Judy AU

-The mummy themed AU

-Medieval themed AU

-College themed AU

-Sci Fi spacey star wars type AU

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