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Huh, How should I begin this being of space that I must be required to write in? Well, I haven't been on in an eternity, and hopefully I will get up and running on that soon... Maybe. I am now but a sophmore (Yay!) and wish it that I be treated like... OOOOO!! A COOKIE! -cough cough- Ahem, sorry, major case of A.D.H.D. But whatever stories I write, I do hope you enjoy to the fullest extent and send me ideas of what to write about, or chapters that you may think I should write. Thanks,

music: just about anything EXCEPT country... books: of course harry potter, digi carat, and mars(anime book), Faerie's Landing, Naruto, Etc. song: Vicinity of Obsinity food: CHOCOLATE! Actor: Johnny Depp actress: ... I'll have to think about that...quote: Today, I found out that I was beautiful. place:In a dark corner band: simple plan, bowling for soup, eminem, simon and milo, system of a down, default and of course GREEN DAY!Etc. etc.animal: penguins, polar bears, any reptile, especially snakes. Languages: German and English

age: so close to 15 height:5'6" hair: black, and not changing until I turn 18 eyes:change constantlyinterests: drawing, writing, reading, listening to music, watching adult swim and invader zim, computers, gaia, making my sisters feel my wrath, kicking butt, meditating, video games, and lots of other stuff i cannot think of right now!

a summer fit for revenge: chapters:13

status: complete

summary: Two 17-year old girl’s parents’ die. What will happen at the Potter’s mansion for the summer? Who knows? A/J A/S R/T

so ya plz reveiw it is my first fan fic

Ok some of you are reading my fanfic. that is good. you said you dont know Allie and Ashley. ok they are twins blonde hair icey blue eyes and their parents are dead from Voldemort. James likes Ashley and Ashley hates James(for now). but in the endAshlyn and remus end up together James and Ashley end up together and Sirius and Allie end up together and the twins are not over their parents yet like i am not over my uncles death died at age 24 and 9months.

Johnny and Lilium, Life or death situations:


Summary: She was an out cast who ran away from her parents, then she meets Nny. What will these two do together? L/J

Oh, i might not be able to post my stories right now but the computer is being hateful. the computer is a camel horse

The Game of Life:

Chapters: I am getting a cool vibe about the third chap

Summary: One girl was given a mission to assassinate Sasuke Uchiha, but will she go through with the plans? L/SU L/S

Not Another Romance FanFiction:

Chapters: 1

Summary: What happens when you can't love, just because you are possessed? Screw the rules and love her, duh! K/H.S.

This one...I was listening to Fighting Dreamers...

Life and Times with the One You Can't Stand

Chapters: 2

Summary: Running from your past doesn't work, but love might. L/S

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