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I love to read. Now I am beginning to have the urge to write.

I've always loved Naruto the anime - took me years later to read the manga. Currently trying to get my hands on the novels (getting them is quite a challenge for me).

I also love Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games. Haven't found the courage to write anything about them yet.

I've been a silent reader of for a long time, and never left a single review for the stories I read (shame on me). fanofthisfiction has been my eye-opener, and after getting the first review for my first story, I finally understood how precious reviews are to authors.

As punishment for myself (LOL!), I am looking for all the stories I have read in the past so I can add a review, maybe add them to my Favorite Stories or Story Alerts list.

Aside from Naruto, I love Yuri On Ice, Tokyo Ghoul, Haikyuu!!, and Free! I also like Kimi Ni Todoke, Skip Beat!, Kimi No Nawa, Your Lie in April,...this list will soon get long o_O

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