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Hahahahaha. I guess it has been a while since I've even looked at my own Profile. Well here goes.

Ok so.. updatetime. No longer going on 30. I've hit the 31 mark. go me..

Moved from little nowhere Pullman Wa, to Middle of nowhere corn field Ankney IA.

I still have way too many Fav Writers and Stories to even start to name them. And since i've added to both lists recently, I still have way to many to name.

I will give a shout out to Spopococ and WellLoved for Fav'ing me however. blush I luv's you guys.

My current dream- To get most of my Fav writers to Fav me in return! My Quest has already began.

I love chating with other writers and artist. I also love swapping ideas and making my little plot bunnies run. So if you like what I write, or what I do drop a line to FrostedKyss on AIM.

My currents obsession are.. Yaoi, Anime,Yaoi, Art, Animals,Yaoi and.. Cats. And did I say Yaoi?

Not really much else to say.. if you want to know more about me check out my homepage at myspace under the same name and drop a line and ask your questions.

- I need my Anime, like a junkie needs crack-

Also ALL disclaimers and such I don't own any canon characters I write about. Unless They are MINE.. and in that case I own them all!

Qualifcations of a 'Hero'

1. Must have tragic past.

2. Must have an emotional disorder.

3. Must be the most Powerful person on the planet-And then play messenger Boy.

4. Must have Arch-Rivel.

5. Must have over-sized or outdated weapon, for added cool factor. - Spopococ

6. Must wait until last possible second before saving the day.

7. Must be drop dead gorgeous and irrisistable to both readers and the Hero/Villain in the story.- Mitts

8. Must have a Friend/Mentor/Lover die a tragic death in order to propel the Hero forward.

9. Must take Leather/Bondage/Fetish gear as part of His/Her signature outfit. - Pyrite-Kun

If you have any you'd like to add. PM me. I'll add them to the list and give you credit for it.

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