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Detsella Morningdew PM
Joined Oct '16

Fan of My Little Pony (FiM), Naruto, Harry Potter, and a few others. I will likely not post any MLP content on Fanfiction, as bronies have their own fanfiction site that is a little more user-friendly than this one, but expect primarily Naruto and possibly Harry Potter content from me.

I have issues with starting too many things, and motivation for various fics comes and goes, so delays on non-primary fics may be long, but unless a fic of mine is so massively flawed that I cannot rework it, I plan to finish everything eventually, even if it seems abandoned.

After several instances of fanfiction glitching out on me, I now have a backup for Kurama Sensei (and any future active stories) on AO3. My profile is here: archiveofourown-org/users/DetsellaMorningdew

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