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Please feel free to read my other online work on Alternate History, the primary website for Alternate History discussion and online fictional work. My main works on there are Lone Star Republic (an independent Texas timeline) and Stars and Stripes Ascendant, a fan-made sequel to the Stars and Stripes trilogy. Gihren's Glory is also on there but you must have an account to view.

For my account go to https: / / www . alternate history . com /forum /members /kaiser- chris.96522/ (REMOVE SPACES)

My Stories

Mobile Suit Gundam: Gihren's Glory: The year is Universal Century 0067. The Spacenoids of the colonies live under the tyrannical rule of the Earth Federation. Everyday seeking justice and freedom from the oppression of gravity. One man will rise to the occasion and lead a great crusade under the banner of Zeon. That man is Gihren Zabi. Sieg Zeon! (Gihren Zabi SI).

Gihren's Glory is a SI story where the protagonist (based off myself) is inserted into the mind and body of Gihren Zabi in Universal Century 0067, almost two years before the chronological beginning of Gundam Origin. The main story will take place over the course of 0067-0078 and will be based off a mixture of the main canon and Origin, with a good mixture of every piece of medium that belongs to the Universal Century. Occasionally characters from other mediums will appear, but they are minor POV's and not the focus of the entire story. Unlike most Gundam stories, Gihren's Glory is a primarily political and drama focused piece, with an extensive focus on worldbuilding of the Universal Century in how exactly the Earth sphere became the way it was in 0079 and what life is life both in the colonies and on Earth, with major buildup and clear definitions on the powers and status of Newtypes. While Mobile Suits will be featured and there will be multiple action chapters within the story, most of the "battles" are few and far in-between, though we will see earlier production and usage of mobile suits on both sides.

The main plot focuses on Kaiser Gihren (SI) and the rest of the Zabi family as they plot to lead the Principality of Zeon and their fellow Spacenoids to independence against the tyrannical Earth Federation. Major divergences early on and the story will hardly be the same as canon by the the eventual outbreak of a war.

Fall of the Lightning Count: Zechs Merquise the Lightning Count, a legendary MS Ace and hero of OZ. In July of AC 195, Zechs chose to commit treason against OZ, defying the Romefeller Foundation for honor in order to duel a Gundam. What Zechs did not predict that others would find fault with his actions, and strike him down for consorting with the Gundams. A mistake that cost him his life. (AU miniseries)

A primarily OZ-centric fic following the OC protagonist, Marcus White, an OZ engineer, and his role in the events leading up to and during Zech's duel with Heero in Antartica. The plot follows just what exactly would happen if members of OZ were to oppose Zech's actions and his ideology, mainly his desire to duel the Gundams and his actively helping them to escape OZ by providing Heero and Trowa with the Wing and Heavyarms Gundams. OZ are the protagonists, while Zechs and the Gundam pilots are antagonists, so be prepared for biased POV's and questionable narrators. Fall of the Lighting Count is based primarily off of both Canon and Synthesis' story, "Soldiers of OZ: Walker's Account", taking place in the Universe of that fic but diverging after Antartica. Will eventually lead into a sequel series called "Knights of Romefeller".

Gihren's Greed: Cosmic Crusade: April 1st, Year 70 CE. For six weeks, war has existed between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT. The Alliance is split over how to achieve victory, while ZAFT is hours away from crippling Earth. Everything will change when the Principality of Zeon, moments after declaring independence, is thrust into the Cosmic Era. Humanity's next age shall be born from the legacy of Gihren's Greed.

This story focuses on the aftermath of the Principality of Zeon being inserted from October 0078 (three months before the One Year War) to the Cosmic Era during Operation Uroboros. Both the Earth Alliance and ZAFT must adapt to the entrance of Zeon and try to use the existence of this new nation to help them win the war. With their cosmic displacement leaving them free from the Earth Federation, Zeon is left completely independent and unsure of her destiny. With no war of independence needing to be fought, the Zabi dynasty looks out towards the new Earth sphere, where plenty of opportunities exist to spread their influence and keep the flag of Zeon flying high. At a time where humanity is experiencing its greatest war, the emergence of Newtypes shall throwing the existence division over genetics into complete chaos. Which path shall humanity take and what will become of both sides of Gundam?

While this fic is Zeon-centric, Zeon are not strictly the protagonists with equal insights being granted into the workings of the Earth Alliance, ZAFT, and the neutral nations. Unlike most SEED fics, canon will be completely thrown out the window in the first chapter and nothing will be the same for either Gundamverse. Heavy focus into worldbuilding of the Cosmic Era and how the Bloody Valentine War came to be, and how it will greatly diverge with Zeon's presence. Characters from SEED and Destiny will be featured, with SEED expanded universe materials being selected out. Overall tone of the setting is a dark world of gray versus darker gray with heroes on all sides trying to do the right thing.

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