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Falling (Male and Female SYOC)

Queen Nevaeh Elise Schreave: Nevaeh is an extremely bitter person and isn't one to let things go easily. Something the people surrounding her don't particularly like. She's not one to hold back on what she thinks about you, however, if it was someone she saw regularly she wouldn't say anything because it would just cause unnecessary drama, something she hates with a passion. Once she sets her mind to something then she can achieve things, however, she doesn't have good self-motivation and is more motivated by spite than anything. Naturally pessimistic, Nevaeh thinks of the selection as a complete waste of time. Having thirty-five suitors doesn't appeal to her, and she would much rather spend the time improving what the Southern Rebels destroyed. She said not fond of many things, and the responsibilities pushed onto her have ruined her. She's no longer the same, and while she knew she was going to have all these duties she didn't expect them so soon. She loved to joke, but is now more guilt ridden to do so.

Face Claim: Zoey Deutch

Prince Isaiah Callum Schreave: Isaiah is more of the dreamer type, and is nothing like his twin. He is lover of everything Disney and stars. He's been interested in astronomy since he was a child, and finds science in general fascinating. He's an optimistic person, but tends to get nervous over the smaller things. He worries over people's opinions, and tries to do the best he can. He is the worst person under pressure, because he'll find a way to make it even worse. He does try, but it doesn't come across as if he is. While he too wants to help Illéa, his mindset isn't tainted by the previous events in his life. Yes, he wishes it didn't happen but you can't change the past. The selection doesn't seem like the best idea, but he's willing to give it a go. He's a little naive, and doesn't see the flaws in many people. This causes him to be too trusting. He tries to be the smiley person in the palace for the sake of his sister and he thinks if Soraya learns he's a little afraid of her, she'll take it to advantage and make him help out everyday.

Face Claim: Sam Clafin


1. Don't give me some cliché characters, because they're just boring. Make him/her someone.

2. DETAAAAAAAAAIIILLLLLL. I need detail to portray your character properly, and I don't want to get him/her wrong.

3. I am taking reservations, but get them in quick. I don't want to be waiting ages.

4. This isn't really a rule, but if you have a Pinterest, I'd appreciate it if you made a board for your character. My name is the same on both sites.

5. Please title your PM with "Falling: Character Name, Age, Caste, Province" For example, Falling: America Singer, 17, Five, Carolina.

Form (male and female)

I'm only accepting forms through PM because I need to able to contact you about your character, sorry Guests.





Age (16-21):




Face Claim:

Detailed Appearance:


Personality (DETAIL IS A MUST! Include everything! Flaws, quirks, strengths etc.):




Languages Spoken:


Family (name, age, job, personality, relationship w/ your character):

Friends (same as above):

Reason for entering:

Reaction to being chosen:

Elimination Idea (optional):

Reaction to elimination (at the beginning, and after getting to know the royals):

Thoughts on the monarchy:

Thoughts on the Southern Rebels:

Thoughts/treatment of Queen Nevaeh:

Thoughts/treatment of Prince Isaiah:

Treatment of female selected:

Treatment of male selected:

What would they bring with them?

Favourite movie genre:

Favourite song:

How do they act around their crush?

Do they keep up with the Illéan news?

Favourite place to visit:

Favourite food/dessert/drink:

Favourite colour:

Scene with Nevaeh:

Scene with Isaiah:


Anything I missed:

The Selected:

1. Eira Juliette Griffiths - Age 20, Caste Two, Professional Skier from Tammins: Submitted By aphelionravenclaw [FC: Lauren De Graaf]

2. Aurora Everly Travers - Age 17, Caste Three, Music Producer from Calgary: Submitted by ArmaduraStar7 [FC: Jayma Mays]

3. June-Claire Hilburn - Age 20, Caste Three, Assistant/Volunteer Worker from Honduragua: Submitted By Abizeau [FC: Julianne Hough]

4. Emerson Haleigh O'Kelly - Age 18, Caste Two, Professional Runner/Part Time Maths Tutor from Waverly: Submitted By Selectiongirl112 [FC: Evan Rachel Wood]

5. Marceline Sharla Payton - Age 19, Caste Five, Dancer from Allens: Submitted By tobi-is-an-artist-too [FC: Jillian Barrell]

6. Imani Castinian - Age 16, Caste Two, Swimmer/Duke's daughter from Atlin: Submitted By RubyLeo [FC: Amandla Stenberg]

7. Pasiphae Amira Costello - Age 18, Caste Three, Medical Student from Bonita: Submitted By Moonbear37

8. Keir Ruben Grubbs - Age 21, Caste Five, Hip Hop Dancer from Hansport: Submitted By Abizeau [FC: Ronald Epps]

9. Aphrodisios-Kallikrates Azarola - Age 20, Caste Two, Police Officer from Clermont: Submitted By tobi-is-an-artist-too [FC: Lazar Angelov]

10. Vegas Haystrum - Age 18, Caste Five, Dancer from Dakota: Submitted By RubyLeo [FC: Taylor Lautner]

11. Reserved For rebelsroyalty

12. Jaxin Leroy Lambert - Age 21, Caste Six, Waiter from Angeles: Submitted By ArmaduraStar7 [FC: Luke Mitchell]

13. Hayden Alexander St-Prix - Age 20, Caste Three, Teacher from Sumner: Submitted By sophiesticated13 [FC: Jay Baruchel]

Royalty and Love

Prince Matthew "Matt" Chase Devore (21): Matt was probably the most carefree and spoilt out of his siblings, since his brother is crown prince and his parents were always protective of his sister. He grew up to getting what he wanted when he wanted. For someone really spoilt, he wasn't a jerk until he was about 18 years old. Matt doesn't like to talk about that day and anyone who knows him knows better than to push for more information, he simply told them what happened before going to his room. The years went by and he got worse and worse, his attitude seemed to do a whole 360 and he didn't show how much he cared and made it seem like he didn't care, he did though and that's the reason he hid his emotions. He's flirty and a typical badboy, you wouldn't really see the broken part of him unless you really knew him. He doesn't let people in easily, but he could trick you that you meant the most to him. He breaks hearts and it's like a second nature to him. He wouldn't give anyone a second glance. [FC: Alex Pettyfer (with dark brown eyes)]

Prince James Ethan Devore (24): James, unlike Matt, grew up with many restrictions. Due to being told to be perfect, James is probably one of the most sweet and considerate person in the whole palace. He does know when to be strict and when to have a backbone, but he tends to stay clear of any trouble. James is a role model to Illea and people assume when he assends the throne he'll be the perfect King. He is pretty good at what he does and he would try his hardest, but he has his off days and can be irritated by the smallest things though this isn't very common.

Princess Rylie Evianna Devore (12): Rylie isn't your stereotypical princess who sits down and looks pretty throughout the day, she likes to learn and is intelligent. She doesn't like to admit she's wrong because she has a huge ego, but she honestly doesn't try to offend anyone. She tries her hardest on anything and wouldn't let anything or anyone slow her down. Her and Evelyn are similar in the manner that they won't let anyone tell them what to do, they do what they want with the best intentions. Rylie is also very mature for her age, and she is probably the smartest Devore. [FC: Dove Cameron (a younger version)]

King Leonel Devore (47): King Leonel was born into royalty and isn't used to be told he's wrong, he does what he thinks is right and no amount of input would change his mind. He's incredibly stubborn and reckless at times, but he always has the country and the children in his heart. It doesn't seem like he cares an awful lot, but he does. He isn't the most approachable person and if you didn't know he was King you would probably stay clear of him, he doesn't care about your opinion of him because at the end of the day he's helping his country, well he thinks he is. [FC: Josh Duhamel]

Queen Ashlynn Mae Devore (46): Queen Ashlynn seems like a pretty judgemental person, but in reality she's actually pretty nice. She could word things better and make an effort to seem like she cares, when she actually doesn't, but she hates pretending to be someone she's not. She genuinely does do the best for the country, but people don't see that. She's seen as ruthless and cold, she isn't though. She's tough on her children, but only because she wants to see them excel. [FC: Kate Hudson]

Evelina "Evelyn" Grace Coardi (21): Evelyn isn't the type of person who sits back and lets other do everything, but you also have to do your bit. She isn't the most friendly person, but she does care about her friends and is extremely loyal. She doesn't lie often and if she does there's valid reason behind it. She avoids any conflict, she doesn't like fights or arguments. Despite avoiding any sort of conflict, Evelyn won't let you get away with anything. If she doesn't like you she makes it known, not verbally but through her actions. She generally is a kindhearted person, but she wouldn't be open to any new friendships with people she doesn't know. [FC: Ryan Newman]

Kadeyn Coardi (19): Kadeyn has always been a jerk, and a player. He is known for being a heartbreaker, and any girl should know better than to fall for his traps. He doesn't really care for his 'girlfriends' that much, they are just there. Unlike Matt, he doesn't have a reason for being a jerk, but once you really get to know him you'll learn that he's more than just a pretty face. He's extremely smart even though he'll deny it, and despite everything he does care for people close to him, but not for people who aren't. Even though he might not have a reason to be a complete jerk, he does have a reason to be a jerk to Matt. [FC: Louis Tomlinson]

NOTE: The personalities written here don't cover everything, it's a general idea of what they are like.

The Selected:

If I mention a girl that isn't in the list, and part of the Selection, she's a throwaway or someone that helps move the plot along.

1. Florence Kanon Caswell (Angeles) - Age 18, Caste Four, Jeweller: Submitted by Crystalized Flowers [FC: Barbara Mori]

2. Rosalyn Rivers (Sota) - Age 19, Caste Three, Student: Submitted By Moonbear37 [FC: AnnaSophia Robb]

3. Rhea May Li O'Hallian (Atlin) - Age 18, Caste Three, Astronomer: Submitted by ArmaduraStar7 [FC: Amanda Seyfried]

4. Abigail Ashlynn Jones (Waverly) - Age 18, Case Six, Maid: Submitted By AbbyIsHere [FC: Cara Delevingne]

5. Calico Vala Bhatt (Lakedon) - Age 18, Caste Three, Mechanic Engineer: Submitted By Jcuret98 [Diana Penty]

6. Cecily Maria Kater (Sumner) - Age 18, Caste Two, Model: Submitted By Ahdjdjdjnsbsmw [FC: Marie Avgeropoulos]

7. Felicity-Rose Marie Hamilton (Carolina) - Age 20, Caste Two, Inventor: Submitted By tobi-is-an-artist-too [FC: Karen Gillan]

8. Bexley Holmes (Hansport) - Age 20, Caste Five, Freelance Actress: Submitted By drakel19088 [FC: Kristina Bazan]

9. Emerson Thalia Ingram (Sonage) - Age 20, Caste Five, Backup Dancer: Submitted By The Lady Cloudy [FC: Isabella Fiori]

10. Karsyn Mclaughlin (Whites) - Age 19, Caste Two, Skier: Submitted By A Guest [FC: Blake Lively]

11. Esmeraude Le Roux (Clermont) - Age 19, Caste Five, Ballerina: Submitted By AlliJanice [FC: Lucy Hale]

12. Larissa Emille Langer (Labrador) - Age 21, Caste Five, Story Illustrater: Submitted By Fryllabrille201 [FC: Crystal Reed]

13. Rowena Gemini Sachocsezki (Baffin) - Age 19, Caste Five, Physic: Submitted By valentina's sorrows [FC: Imogen Poots]

14. Tsula Neve Tyler (Kent) - Age 20, Caste Four, Works Multiple Jobs: Submitted By sweetandsimple1 [FC: Jenny Albright]

The Lost Miraculouses (Collaboration with Moonbear37)

Summary: When a set of exchange students from around the globe head to Paris, the lost miraculouses are finally found. Will these new heroes be able to master the powers of miraculouses thought to be lost to time, or will they fail and fall prey to new villains?

Rules for submitting an OC:

1. DETAILLLLLLLL. WE NEED DETAIL! When put into a word processor there should be around 5000 words on the form. We are only accepting detailed forms.

2. That being said, THIS ISN'T FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. No reservations.

3. You CANNOT have your OC related to any of the canon characters since it messes with our story line.

4. No perfect characters! Everyone has flaws!

5. Make your character SOMEONE, but don't make her a cliché and make him/her have the most depressing background!

6. The list of miraculous' available are on my (starryworlds) profile, and the powers and everything have been decided already, so we don't get overpowered OCs.

7. To show that you've read the rules, please put "Miraculous Ladybug" at the bottom of your form.

8. We have the right to not accept some OCs due to lack of detail.

9. PM ONLY! Review forms will not be used at all.

10. Please name the subject of the PM with your OCs name, along with the title of this story. For example: The Lost Miraculouses — Adrien Agreste

11. Finally, we only want readers who are reading along, so make sure to review every 2-3 chapters, so we know you're reading along.

CLOSING DATE: Sunday, 21 May 2017


Name (Full name!):


Age (14-15):


Gender & Sexuality:


Hair (Length, colour, style, thickness, texture etc.):

Eyes (Shape, Colour, Lashes, Brows, etc.):

Skin (Colour, marks, and scars, etc.):


Build/General Appearance:

Style (Casual, Formal, School, Jewellery etc.):

Face Claim:

Other Appearance Info:

Detailed Personality (LOTS OF DETAIL!):

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Flaws (more than one!):





Languages Spoken:

Fighting Style:

Fun Fact:

Darkest Secret:

Family (Name, Age, Personality, Appearance, Relationship w/ Character):

Friends (Name, Age, Personality, Appearance, Relationship w/ Character):

Enemies (Same as above, optional):


Romantic History (keep in mind that they're only 14-15):

Thoughts on Miraculous:

Why Did They Become A Hero(ine)?

How Did They Get Their Miraculous?

Thoughts/Treatment of Arwen (Please, please, please be detailed. These are really helpful):

Thoughts/Treatment of Emberly/Beauté Vicieuse (again, detaaaaiiillllll):

Who Are They Outside Of The Mask?

What's The Song They Know All The Lyrics To?

Favourite TV Show:

Favourite Movie Genre:

Do They Attend Any School Clubs?

Weirdest Habit?

What Do Their Pyjamas Look Like?

What Do They Cry Like?

Most Embarrassing Story?

Favourite Food/Drink/Desserts:

Coffee or Hot Chocolate?

Day or Night?

Summer or Winter?

Favourite Place To Visit?

Who Do They Look Up To?

If They Had An Infinite Amount Of Money, What Would They Do?

What Would They Do In A Talent Show?

If They Could Undo Anything From The Past, What Would It Be?

How do they act around their crush?

If they were on an abandoned island with a few friends of their same age, how would they proceed?

What do they find most annoying?

Favorite Books?

Quotes (optional):



Wolf- Unstable void manipulation and enhanced senses. Their weapon is a pair of bladed fans. (TAKEN - can't be used) [FEMALE]

Panda- Healing Powers, enhanced progress in taekwondo along with enhanced flexibility. Needs no weapon, they are one. (TAKEN - can't be used) [FEMALE]

Songbird- Flight and Decibel manipulation. Their weapon is a pair of silk scarves made out of an alloy that makes them sharp. [FEMALE]

Phoenix- Pyrokinesis and invulnerability to fire. Their weapon is a long broadsword. (TAKEN - can't be used) [MALE]

Griffin- Super Strength and can withstand low oxygen levels. Their weapon is a long, flat piece of wood with sharpened edges and designs. [MALE]

Dragon- Invulnerable skin, like Achilles, but have a weak spot. Their weapon is their miraculous, the claw gloves. [MALE]

Unicorn- Emotion manipulation. Can make anyone feel anything. Their weapon is a spiked chakram disguised as a flower crown. [FEMALE]

Squirrel- Speed and hyperawareness. Their weapon is a set of twin dueling pistols and a slingshot. [FEMALE]

Cow- Telekinesis and the weaponizing of dairy products. Their weapon is a set of tiny dagger knives they can throw. [MALE]

Mouse- Size manipulation and enhanced smelling. Their weapon is a bag of darts. [FEMALE]

Snake- Persuasion and force choking. Their weapon is a coiled whip. [FEMALE]

Ox- Strength and endurance. Their weapon is a wooden club tipped with spikes. [MALE]

Goat- Power absorption and environmental adaptation. Their weapon is a spear. [MALE OR FEMALE]

Monkey- Enhanced Agility and wall crawling. Their weapon is a curled length of plastic that can be shaped into anything. [MALE]

Tiger- Enhanced speed and agility. Their weapon is an obsidian Khopesh. [MALE]

Ram- Thick skin and general stubbornness. Their weapon is their own hands. [MALE]

Pegasus- Flight and light projection/manipulation. Their weapon is a crossbow. [FEMALE]

Horse- Speed and camouflage. Their weapon is a set of throwing rings shaped like horse shoes. [FEMALE OR MALE]

Pig- Enhanced senses and enhanced reasoning abilities. Their weapon is knowledge. [MALE]

Rooster- Vocal manipulation and increased stores of confidence. Their weapon is a rifle. [MALE]

Rabbit- Plant manipulation and food creation. Their weapon is a bow and arrows. [FEMALE]

Hedgehog- Protection and shielding. Their weapon is spikes. [MALE]

Dolphin- Positive aura and water manipulation. Their weapon is a trident. [FEMALE]

Elephant- Strength and the ability to grow giant. Their weapon is a club. [FEMALE]

Sloth- Time slowing down and energy recharging in the form of naps. Their weapon is a garrote. [MALE OR FEMALE]

Deer- Speed and enhanced agility. They have no weapon but use whatever is on hand. [FEMALE]

EMBERLY AINSLINN BLANCHE, The Panda Miraculous, Canadian, (20, almost 21): Emberly is the type of person to say the most dumbest and stupidest things just to make you smile when you're in pain. She gives of the impression of being dense with her little jokes, however, that isn't true. While she isn't thick, Emberly has the tendency to make people think she is. They automatically put her under the "dumb blonde" category, which doesn't sit well with her. 'Stereotypes are stupid' she always counters. And they are. If you don't know her you don't get to judge her, it's as simple as that. While she isn't excelling in classes (unlike her bragger of a boyfriend, Wesley) she definitely isn't failing. When she sets her mind to something she wants to get it done, and can't leave it unfinished, no matter how stupid the idea was. Her optimism radiates around her, and she always tries to think of the positive. She's cheery, and there's no denying it. While she can be most certainly out under the 'goofy' and 'fun' categories, she does know when to be serious. Being a superheroine isn't all fun and games, and Emberly is the type of person to make dumb, heated decisions. Ones that she always regrets. Of course, she tries to let things go, but she also has feelings of her own. She's a person under the mask, too. She isn't really different when she's with the mask. She isn't going to be comfortable with you as soon as she meets you, she needs to get to know you before you see the fun side of her. She's incredibly loyal, and she's always there, however, she isn't the most truthful person. She can lie, but she doesn't do it to harm people. She's most definitely an extrovert, but you have to gain her trust.

This isn't all of Emberly's personality, just a small piece to show you how she's like without spoiling the story.

Face Claim: Isabelle Cornish

ARWEN-CHERISE PALOMER, The Wolf Miraculous, Canadian, (19): Info added soon.

Face Claim: Freya Mavor

CADEN HILL—Age: 20, The Phoenix Miraculous, Canadian, Face Claim: TBA

WESLEY CHARETTE—Age: 20, No Miraculous, Canadian, Face Claim: Blake Steven

Accepted OCs

1. Haliae Ann Sears - Age 14, The Dolphin Miraculous, American: Submitted By TheJadePearl [FC: Odeya Rush]

2. Jasmine Dlamini - Age 15, The Squirrel Miraculous, South African: Submitted By Bamboozled [FC: TBA]

3. Rita Keane Bjørg - Age 14, The Deer Miraculous, Norwegian: Submitted By ArmaduraStar7 [FC: Natalie Portman]

4. Robert Ore Barrett - Age 15, The Tiger Miraculous, British: Submitted By W. R. Winters [FC: Skander Keynes]

5. Landon Cole Courter - Age 15, The Dragon Miraculous, Greek: Submitted By TheJadePearl [FC: Joe Collier]



If you'd like to contact Moonbear37

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