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I like to write stories. Parodies are especially fun, as long as you keep it unique. I love musicals, and usually try to incorperate a song into my stories.


Calvin at Camp: The Hobbits -In a Tolkien parody, Jason and Marcus set off with their friends to battle an unknown force that has taken over the bowling alley...yes, it's less silly than it sounds. Many songs are featured, of course.

WDW: Big Thunder Mountain -The first Disney World story that does not star the Hitchhiking Ghosts. The Country Bears and the Splash Mountain critters are stuck on a roller coaster!

Calvin at Camp: Calvin's Vacation- Calvin goes on vaction in Cape Cod, leaving the villains free to bring the camp down from the inside. His friends go out to look for him, but end up lost in New York after making a mistake. Meanwhile, Calvin finds himself sharing a house with Susie. Can Hobbes teach him to get along with a girl AND fight off the villains sent out to get them?

Calvin at Camp: Beagle Crossing -Snoopy disappears, worrying Charlie Brown to no end. Where has the dog wound up? Animal Crossing. Oh boy.

Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy: I've Got a Golden Ed -In a parody of "Willy Wonka," Eddy opens a jawbreaker factory that is anything but safe.

Calvin at Camp: Save the Pins- Everyone's bowling game is ruined when Stupendous Man comes to save the "innocent" bowling pins.

Calvin at Camp: Susie Did What! -Fed up with the GROSS club's constant attacks, Susie steals Hobbes, sending Calvin, Jason, and Marcus on a frantic journey to find him, all of them oblivious to the fact that he's hidden right under their noses.

Calvin at Camp: I'm Dreaming of a White Subcon -Bowser decides he must team up with another villain, Wart, in order to take over. The problem? Wart lives in Subcon, which is only acessed through dreams. Seeing as he and his kids are too lazy, they decide to kidnap one of the kids from camp to get them to dream an entrance themselves. But what happens when the Subcon creatures aren't so willing to help Bowser?

Calvin at Camp: When I See an Iguana Fly -Jason and Marcus have a successful experiment and Quincy becomes airborn...but is soon captured by Eugene.

Calvin at Camp: The Worst Thanksgiving Ever -Using twisted logic, Calvin decides to makeitthe best Thanksgiving ever, by making it the worst one ever! Meanwhile, Jason and Marcus film a movie, Hobbes gets everyone lost in the woods while chasing Woodstock, and the Eds play football.

Calvin at Camp: The Tamagouchy -The camp gets a virtual pet that Jason brings in. Like always, things go crazy and the kids find themselves acting as servants to the new arrival. Our heros must figure out the cause of this before it's too late!

Calvin at Camp: ScammEd -The snack at camp is jawbreakers, sending Eddy on a scamming rush to get them all.

Calvin at Camp: Jumped the Ed : Thinking the stories are underrated, Eddy decides to "improve" them, but just makes everything worse.

WDW: Hitchhiker Tales -A spin on the backstory of the trio. Wacky and zany, of course.

Calvin at Camp: Calvin Crossing -Gannondorf decides to repeat the Sims experiment from an earlier story, this time putting Calvin and Hobbes into Animal Crossing. When the two actually start to succeed in the game, Gannondorf decides to step in himself and take over the peaceful town.

WDW: Extra TERRORestrial Hitchhiking Encounter -Ezra and Phineas find themselves captured by scientists who have never heard of Disney, believing the ghosts to be aliens. Gus tries to get their two girlfriends to rescue them, but the two don't seem to like each other...

Calvin at Camp: The New Gannondorf -Gannondorf decides to train someone to take over the camp for him, so if they fail, it won't directly be his fault. But can Eugene pull it off?

Calvin at Camp: The Land Before Camp -In a cross-spoof of Jurassic Park, We're Back A Dinosaur's Story, and Land Before Time , Jason tries to bring back the dinosaurs. When the first batch turn out to be too cute and annoying, he decides to make them more primative, resulting in terrifying monsters! Can the kids get the Koopas to help them defeat their new foes?

Calvin at Camp: Capture the Flag -Only the kids at camp would treat the simple game like a war...Things get crazy, like always.

Calvin at Camp: Anything Goes -In a big musical, Eddy prepares a cruise ship-related scam, which is, naturally, unsafe. Meanwhile, Calvin pretends to romance Susie (all part of a plot to humiliate her), but things go wrong when people think he's being serious. It's De-Lovely!

Calvin at Camp: Adventures in Bubblegloop Swamp -Calvin and the gang take a vacation to the Banjo-Kazooie swamp, only to meet the unfriendly Mr. Vile and a few other pesky critters.

Calvin at Camp: Escape From Koopa Fortress No. 5 -Ed is captured by the Koopas and his friends have to journey into the Pipe Maze to save him! But Bowser has a super-secret weapon planned...

Calvin at Camp: The Horror of Click Clock Woods -Another Banjo-Kazooie episode, where Calvin and Hobbes have to save their friends in the magical woods from being swindled and ultimately left to die by a smooth villain.

Calvin at Camp: A Vile Lagoon- The kids get stranded on a small island in the middle of the lagoon in a storm. Sounds bad? Well, when Mr. Vile gets into the real world, it gets worse!

WDW: Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad, Fox? -When the Big Bad Wolf and Brer Fox discover that they are good at capturing each other's enemies, they begin to doubt themselves as the proper species.

WDW: Phinny the Queeg and the Panty Raid -One of the weirdest "Winnie the Pooh" parodies you'll ever see.

WDW: Phinny the Queeg and the Blustery Day -Bad weather in Florida, nothing new there.

Calvin at Camp: Stopping the Unstoppable -Eddy and Jason team up (for the second time, I believe) and slowly begin to take over camp. When Calvin hears news of them starting a casino, he realizes he has to win or risk them taking over for good.

Calvin at Camp: The Hit List- Tracer Bullet/Calvin finds Moe's "hit list" (a list of kids he's planning to beat up that day) and decides to go about saving them. However, things soon turn the opposite direction and Bullet finds himself framed for beating up Jimmy and being stalked by Moe. Only his friends can save him now!

WDW: A Match Made Somewhere -Caught up in a romantic mood (after watching Muppets Take Manhattan ), Ezra proposes to Ariel, only to have a major freakout about it an hour later. He quickly calls off the wedding, causing the bride-to-be to leave Disney World and find a new life...and a new boyfriend. Can Ezra win her back?

WDW: The Thief and the Hitchhikers (AKA: The Mansion's Treasure) -Two new character come to the Mansion, both with foul intent. Can the Hitchhikers find the Mansion's alledged treasure before they do?


Is there a story in my upcoming ideas that you really, really want to see and don't want to wait for me possibly writing it? Then tell me! I might just get to work right then and there. That's what happened on The Little Hitchhiker .

Have an idea for a story? I don't accept them all, but I used some ideas from Insane Guy of DOOM (thanks again!).

Actually, I don't know if I'll ever get a PM about this, but whatever. I like to write. It's fun.


I really don't want to sound all cocky and stuff, but if you want a song for your story or something, I'd be happy to write one for you as long as you give me credit. I'm not a master lyricist, but I think I'm pretty good at it, and as you can see, I at least have experience. You be the judge, okay? But, seriously, drop me a line, people. It'd be fun.

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