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Favorite characters for fanfiction

Goku- Shocking I know. But I sort of grew up with the original dragon ball.

Vegito- pre one hour time limit retcon.

Gogeta- though this one can be tricky pulling off cause of the half hour time limit.

Godzilla- favorite childhood kaiju

Optimus Prime- watched the cartoons when I was small

Here are my top 5 crossover stories.

When Two Universes Collide

Attack on Prime

Godzilla vs Titan/Godzilla x Titan

La Redencion De Un heroe

Any good story that involves Goku as the main protagonist. Well except the ones that turn Goku into a human or make him Issei's ancestor/reincarnation.

Least favorite crossovers or the ones I just avoid are the ones with really bad writing, extremely ooc characters, turning characters into something they aren't (Issei or Rito becoming Saiyans, though Issei Rito only slightly cause he's the red dragon emperor), beastiality stories (I'm looking at you Sonic crossovers), rape, ones that nerf a protagonist, and those who give massive asspull power ups to the other characters without explanation. I don't like this types of stories at all. So I avoid them like the plague.

Stories I'll be working on in the future. No set schedule yet. I'll take my time with each chapter to ensure that there aren't any errors in it.

The Dragon Ball Chronicles Series

· Dragon Ball DxD Legends

Set between the beginning of time and a few centuries before the start of Dragon Ball. Will include the Great War between the three factions, the Devil Civil War, Yamoshi's battle, etc.

· Super Dragon Ball Gt

Goes through the events of Gt with improvements and the events of Super will happen after the Shadow Dragon Arcs with a some changes. Minor cameos from dxd characters.

· Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Starts immediately after the Goku Black Arc. Goes through both xenoverse games with some changes and there will only be one future warrior instead of two.

· Super Dragon Ball DxD Heroes

A DBZ/GT/Super/Heroes x highschool dxd crossover set around Goku Jr's time. Other anime that I'll be combining into the story will be To Love Ru, Testament of New Sister Devil, and Heaven's Lost Property. The reason I chose these are because they all deal with aliens, angels, demons, gods, and other mythical beings. I may include other anime but I haven't really decided if I should. Also Gogeta is a time patroller meaning he was the hero of both xenoverse games. I'll be adapting the story of dragon ball heroes into my crossover. Oh and Gogeta will be the only one with a harem. Unknown harem size, possibly large.

· Dragon Ball Legacies

Epilogue chapters set after the events of Super Dragon Ball DxD Heroes.

Other Stories

·The Supreme God

Extremely op Gogeta, also expect fan made transformations to appear in this story. Extremely massive harem from different series, mainly Senran Kagura, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Kancolle. Anti-Issei/Rito/other male harem protagonists.

·The Adventure of Two Saiyans

Alternate titled of Two Saiyans Gods,Alchemists,Homunculi,Yoma,Busty Shinobi Girls! Oh My! by Corey02195157. Which I was given permission to adopt. Goku goes to Fullmetal Alchemists and Vegeta goes to Senran Kagura. I'll probably use Goku Xeno and Vegeta Xeno. No harem, maybe a pairing.

·Goku x Senran Kagura crossover

Possibly Goku x harem

·Goku x Highschool dxd x My Hero Academia crossover

Goku x harem Alt. Version of DB, Z, GT, some movies, maybe AF, & Super.

· Scalebound x Attack on Titan crossover

For those who don't know Scalebound was action role-playing video game for Xbox One, where you basically have a dragon as a partner. Unfortunately it was cancelled. Unknown pairing.

·Untitled Anti-Princes story

Extremely Anti Issei, Anti Rito, and other male harem protagonists. Expect extreme violence against these characters. So if you're a fan of these characters don't read. Anti harem/unwanted harem

If I get any other ideas I'll put them here.

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