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I may or may not be doing much, so don't expect much. I like a lot of different things, mainly books, but the Big Three fandoms are cool, especially Doctor Who.

Currently obsessed with DC comics and Nightwing in particular, Doctor Who, and Voltron. Also LOTR and the Hobbit (I love Kili so much). Also some of the new Loki comics. Also just got into Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia.

I'm a Junior in college, so I have no time.

Finished with a Supernatural fanfiction, Wendigo (though I might be prompted to continue it if people want) (apparently people do not want)

Finished with a Doctor Who fanfiction, Rage, Rage, Against the Dying of the Light.

Currently working on Taken, a VLD fanfic. Sidenote- I feel like season 8 killed the VLD fandom, cuz I haven't heard like anything since that dropped.

Currently working on Aragorn, Estel, Thorongil, Strider, Elessar, a LOTR fanfic about Aragorn before we meet him in The Fellowship of the Ring.

Just started Loki Gets a Redemption Arc, a Thor: The Dark World AU fix-it for Loki because he deserves better and I saw a prompt that I wanted to try out.

I also have an account on AO3, The_Best_Guesst

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