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I deleted all my works until I finish them, edit them, or choose to re-post them somewhere. This might take a year, five years or a decade. I don't know. I still read fics from 10 years ago so we'll see if sites like FF are around 10 or more years from now. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone, but I hate having stories that I can't update to be left for people to read and wonder what's going on.


Frankly, I'm conflicted. On one hand, I feel that this site is a ghost town. Save for a select few valuable writers who I have come to know as nice, genuine and welcoming people, this site feels so empty sometimes, like the dismissal bell rang and I'm still waiting to go home. I could post something, get constructive feedback, finish the story, and then what? Sure, people can leave their thoughts and comments, and that's very nice of them to do so, but what benefit will there be by finishing the story? At the same time, I understand that is why people write FF, to share ideas and understand characters and universes better in the eyes of the world. I love to read fanfiction, and I am always brimming with ideas to share with others. I guess at this point, I don't know what I want. I want to leave, but I'd like to stay here. I guess there's really no argument; whatever I feel in the moment is just how it is. And this is how it is.

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