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fanfic likes: I like fanfics that are trying to be original, and well written. However, all a story needs for me to like it is a good premise, Well written, excellently used cast, good characters, Decent plot progression, and knowledge of the original source. If a righter fallows just one of these things and The English is pretty good, then the story at the very least will be enjoyable and will have serious potential.

I look for fanfic with:

A great and fun protagonist.

long fanfics.

Tales with female protagonist.

Fanfics I have a tendency to look over:

Romance with unlikely pairings and Romans that put a female hero into a damsel in distress, 24 seven scenario. These fanfics are overused and have a storyline that I genuinely dont find appealing. However, if they mix it up, has a good story, and is well written with other good features then can still be one of the best story's on fan

Overpowered protagonist- there's nothing wrong with OP characters look at one punch man and assassination class room. However, when someone makes a protagonist to strong and especially when they have no problem doing it by them selves like kirito it can become tricky to right. As any problems can be solved by them selves and brings numerous character to the side lines with nothing to do. However, a character only becomes a bad op based on the following: comparing what they face, the overall story, what the supporting cast, The weaknesses on the op characters, why the character is op, and how there strangth effects others/ consequences that it brings to the story.

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