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Hello my fellow readers, I am Wandering Fiction Writer or you can call me by my latin handle. I am a young Senior Highschool male who's an avid fanfiction reader, I am currently trying to make my own fanfic, but with few results. I read only for enjoyment and entertainment. I'll probably just be writing for fun if anything else. Updates are random (If I even make a story and try to post it anyway) because of IRL problems or that im lazy and that I dont have the motivation to do so, plus im kinda semi-decent in english(Sh*t at it).

Likes: Reading, Music, Drawing, Anime, Fantasy and Sci-Fi games (Especially the games on AE entertainment), Animals, Books, Light Novels, and the likes i.e. korean and chinese manga or novel.

Dislikes: Bigots, Hypocrites, Stereotypes, Bullies. Not much, I'll probably add more in the near future.

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