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Status: EoH is NOT discontinued. I repeat: it is still on-going and is now 40 percent in the works. Have some patience in the meantime. Thank you

Fanfic Status:

New: One-shot (25 percent)


Engagement On Hold

Chapters: 31 of... possibly 37

Status: Chapter 31 (40 percent)

Upcoming Chapters: Chapter 31 - Trauma

Links: Sakura's outfit from Chapter 8

Naruto's car and Sasuke's car from Chapter 24 onward

Ino's dress, Hinata's dress (in lavender), Temari's dress (in emerald), Tenten's dress, Karin's dress, and Sakura's dress top and bottom (in red) from Chapter 28


One Choice, One Promise, One Bond, One Future

Summary: Did you ever wonder how Team 7 became such close friends despite being so different from each other? Team 7’s past life revealed!


Forgotten Past

Note: Forgot the plot and lost interest. Due to a request from a fellow writer and reviewer, I won't delete it. To anyone who's pestering me virulently with it still being on site, stare and be annoyed. It'll remain on site and I do not have to explain myself to you. Deal with it.


Halloween fic (with another twist) - will start off as a one-shot, but I will write more if there are enough people who want me to continue it

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