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I'm a never gonna be 30 wife and mother of 3. I love anime, manga, video games, music, reading and writing (not necessarily in that order). I love to read stories on here and will favorite any ones I like. Authors I favorite usually have more than one story I really like. I tend to look at what stories my favorite authors favorite to see what I should read. Feel free to PM me if you would like. Reviews are a delicacy and flames don't even give me indigestion. Enjoy your reading and writing!

On a side note, I any of my fans are NaLu shippers check out Alina-chan on deviantart. Her Fairy Tail doujinshi is awesome!

Part 1: The more important stuff:

1) What do you like to be called? Depends on my screen name at the time but Shawna works.

2) How old are you, give or take? 29 with experience

3) Do you identify as female, male or other? female

4) What's your familial situation? (Significant other? Kids? Too many cats? Mom's basement?) Married Mom of 3 lil' monsters

Part 1a, the less important stuff:

What's your favorite...

1) Activity that isn't reading: playing with my kids and spending time with the hubby, playing video games, listening to music, etc.

2) Sports team(s): Pittsburgh Penguins

3) Restaurant or cuisine: I'm up for almost anything once but I love The Melting Pot

4) Cocktail: Amoretto Sours

5) Website that isn't fanfiction oriented: or

Part two. About your entertainment habits.

1. Five favorite movies: (this week)


The Life of Brian

Star Wars (the original trilogy (yes that counts as one!))

His Girl Friday

The Philadelphia Story

2. Four favorite TV shows: (for right now)


How the Universe Works


Pride and Predjudice ( the '80's BBC mini-series)

3. Three favorite fanfictions: can't really name any right now

4. Two favorite published authors: Piers Anthony and Anne McCaffrey

5. One favorite song or poem: Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein

Part three. About you as a writer:

1) Do your best to describe your body of work in a sentence or two. : I'm not really a prolific writer so, there's not much to say

2) What fandoms besides HP do you enjoy writing?: See above

3) What are the three stories you're most proud of?: See Above

4) Do you write original fiction, too?: Sometimes

Pet Peeves in Fan fiction:

I have been perusing fan fiction over the internet for almost 15 years now and in other venues a little longer than that. The one thing that has stayed the same is that there has always been crap. It mostly started with terrible DnD scripts and over eager fanboys creating written porn over their fav comic book or anime characters in the Gaming/Comic/Anime club I was in in high school. I wasn't really exposed to the volume of bad writing until I joined Animespiral (now defunct) in 2003. I know that kids have to wet their teeth somewhere but the sheer numbers were amazing to me. It took a lot of work to find even tolerable stories. It doesn't seem to have gotten better or worse for that matter. There are just more people interested in more series that can either write or can't.

In no way do I think I am even a tolerable writer. I only posted the stuff I do to this site at my husbands insistence, as he liked it and thought that our friends would to. (sigh) I'm not saying this in a false bid at modesty either. I don't care how many people have read or liked my stories, though it is nice if people do. I'm not a great writer but I am a great reader. I LOVE to read. I devour anywhere from 2 to 5 novels a week and read a lot of fan fiction. I only keep the books I really liked and will read more than once. Same with fan fics. If I favorite it, I will read it more than once.

I digress. I actually have quite a list of dislikes after all these years of reading fics but most of them are personal opinions of what I like to read, not what the issue is with fan fiction as a whole. I do have a top three though:

1. My biggest is not writing what you know.

If you don't know a series that well, don't write it. (This, of course, doesn't apply to those who are creating their own world.) Fan fiction used to be an outlet for the imaginations of people who loved a series, so much so that you just had to write that story about how Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane hook up because Superman has snapped in this multiverse. If you know nothing about what you are writing, you will just come off as stupid. Rape, incest, abuse, violence, war; these are not topics that should be handled lightly but are done so on an alarming basis. Even if you haven't lived it, at least take the time to investigate some. Google or Wiki it!

2. Improper rating or labeling (i.e. not informing readers of sensitive/controversial material contained in the story) and non-summary summaries.

I hate when I'm reading a non-M fic when, BAM, there's sex or sexual acts. This is a serious violation of the rules on this site and if it wasn't the internet, you would be brought up on charges if a minor was to be exposed. If I want M, I'll read M and what if the kiddies see! it's the job of our public schools to horrify and disgust our children with regards to sex, not yours! I would also like to know if the fic is yaio/yuri, non-con/dub-con, incest/twincest/sandcest/brocest/etc., etc., etc. I get you don't want to compromise your plot line but please, everyone has likes and dislikes. A lot of this flaming going around would stop if stories were just properly labeled. I hate non-summary summaries with the fires of fictional hell. The "I'm not good at summaries but read it anyways!" crap is a cop out. If you can't write a summary, you obviously can't write a story.

3. Grammar, Grammar, Grammar

The internet is an interesting thing. You have the ability to look up anything, learn anything, reference anything, and people still can't spell, use a comma or have any basic grammatical skills at all but Grumpy Cat, they know ALL about that! FFnet even has a spell checker built in and people still can't spell, it does it for you! Google, Webster, Brittanica all resources you can use to fix your grammar and spelling. Kids now-a-days know how to use the internet before they can spell their names right but can't figure out how to look up basic grammar? It's a damn shame.

Pairing Pet Peeves:

People are entitled to their opinions what it comes to fan fic couples. And oh so many opinions there are! So here are mine!

1. Incest/twincest/sandcest/brocest/etc.

Incest is disgusting on so many levels that it is not even funny! After having been exposed to V.C. Andrews at the tender age of 12, I have found it disgusting, abusive, and, honestly, any children of this union would be a medical miracle if it were normal. I can't even really stand kissing cousins, i.e. Neji/Hinata from Naruto.

The one's I've seen most done are: The twins and cousins from Ouran, Ayame/Yuki from Furuba, The Sand Siblings from Naruto, the Weasleys and the Malfoys/Blacks/LeStranges/Tonks from Harry Potter.

2. Over done canon couples.

If I wanted canon, I would read the actual story. Now mind you, there are a lot of fics that have canon couples that are awesome but if I want a romance story, I usually want something not canon. Where's the excitement or newness if you just do the same story over again!

The worst in my opinion: Tamaki/Haruhi - Ouran, Tohru/Kyo and Maki/Yuki - FB, Harry/Ginny - HP, Hinata/Naruto - Naruto, Yuki/Kaname - Vampire Knight

3. Serial Killers/Murders that find love and are now mushy. =_=

Serial killer and murders are not sappy love story romance characters. Rehabilitation only works to a point and they will never be normal, functional people. You can't make them that way. I have read some good fics where good or borderline characters fall in love with the bad guy/gal and become bad themselves. And there are some redemption fics that are ok but there are not generally about the baddies as they are/were in the story and have to have a drastic change in back story for it to work. The only ones I've seen work ok were some Itachi fics, at least after you learn the whole story about him.

My never lovable baddies: Voldemort (NO, just no!), the Akatsuki (minus Itachi) and Orochimaru from Naruto.

Those are my top three but there are probably more. I just can't think of them right now.

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