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Shalltear is a vampire of short stature and has the appearance of a buxom fourteen-year-old girl. Described as a true beauty, she has pale shiny skin, seductive red eyes, and fine facial features. Her silver hair is tied in a ponytail, allowing others full view of her face.

She wears a soft black evening dress with a big heavy skirt. Her upper body is dressed in a lace embellished ribbon and a short tailored jacket. Her hands are donned with long lace gloves, not showing any bit of skin. However, her breasts are fake and are completely flat, similar to a boy's. She covers this up by using an excessive amount of breast pads.

In her True Vampire form, she changes dramatically. Her mouth becomes a gaping circular maw not unlike a lamprey's, with a very long tongue hanging out. Her eyes' shape becomes quite inhuman and they glow brightly. Her form becomes hunched over and somewhat simian, with deadly claws on both her feet and hands. An eerie aura also surrounds her body. In this form, she wears a much simpler raggedy dress.


Shalltear has a very flirtatious personality and is very open with her sexual preferences, often to other characters' discomfort. Despite her apparent shamelessness, she can be quite innocent about certain things. She has a complex about her small figure, which she attempts to cover up by using breast pads.

As a true vampire, Shalltear is extremely proud and takes her position as a Floor Guardian very seriously. She has no patience for failure and will often burst into fits of rage at signs of an unfavourable situation. She will not hesitate to kill any servant who disappoints her; however, she will not punish others for failing in tasks that are impossible to begin with.

Shalltear is completely loyal to Ainz and is also a love rival to Albedo for his affections. She takes great joy in being able to prove her worth and fantasizes about the praise she expects to receive. When a situation doesn't go in her favour, she panics about the scolding she believes that she will get.

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