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Fanfiction has a lot of meaning to me as it made me open up to many paths that I thought weren't open for me, my mind was a double-edged blade that was dangerous to others whether I am sane or to me that I wasn't anyone that would never find his place or didn't value myself that much.

My Followers of my stories are the ones that made me feel like I could do something good despite my bad grammar, I bet it is still bad right now of all the things I have written down here, but to my dear followers, I thank you for giving me self-esteem and that I belong to a place where I feel at ease.

Anything about me:

Hobbies: Reading, writing, swimming, drawing, cooking, working hard, and thinking of ideas!

Fav Anime: Log Horizon, Pokemon, Fairy Tail, Akame ga Kill, Sword Art Online, Demon Slayer, Sankarea, My Hero Academia, RWBY, and there is more!

Fav Movies: Spirited Away, Resident Evil,

Fav Series: Don't have any or can recall the names.

Fav Food: Steak, baked potatoes, smoked salmon, grapes, oranges, and sushi.

Fav Drinks: Ginger Ale, Sprite, Green Tea, Coffee, and Tea. (Never Alcohol.)

Fav Books: Ranger's Apprentice, and Gone.

Fav Type of Manga: Isekai, Action, Adventure, Romance, and Mystery.

Things I dislike:

Arrogance. (I just don't like proudful people who have no reason to be proud or to flaunt around with it.)

Alcohol. (Sensitive subject.)

Olives. (Never liked them in solid form.)

Sweets. (I'm not much of a fan of sweets that are too sweet.)

Laziness. (You can always do something and can only laze after working hard!)

Greasy Food. (I only eat it once a month or something after 2 months, I prefer a healthy lifestyle.)

Mangoes, bananas, papayas, and pears. (For some weird reason I always get an itchy throat after eating them.)

Narrow-Minded People. (Who wouldn't dislike them?)

Curry. (Too overwhelming for me.)

Spicy Food. (I just don't get how noodles like those can be eaten, no flavor to enjoy as I only taste metal in my mouth.)

Selfishness. (Who doesn't?)

Favorite Anime/Pairings:

Akame ga Kill:

-Akame/Tatsumi. (Had far more screentime/special moments with each other than Mine.)



Fire Force:

-Shinra/Tamaki. (So cute!)

-Shinra/Iris. (So sweet!)

Demon Slayer:

-Tanjiro/Kanao. (Who else to pair him with!?)

My Hero Academia:



Assassination Classroom:


-Nagisa/Rio. (Because she has genuine feelings for him.)

Goblin Slayer:

-Goblin Slayer/Cowgirl. (Yeah, not into pairing Priestess with him.)

Bungou Stray Dogs:



-Jaune/Pyrrha. (Rest in Peace ship that existed for a few seconds.)





-More will be added.

Anime/Characters that I dislike on Fanfiction or other reasons.

=Naruto: It is safe to say that I don't like Naruto Fics because they end up all being the same with freaking big harems and him becoming God-like and not that I hate the character himself, there are a few that I do like as him training his family's strong points and learning a bit more spells (You will not see me write that word down), but honestly the reason why I dislike it is that it is overused and interferes with far too much crossover that leaves no place for other anime, Tv-Series and the like.

Not a moment where I don't find a Naruto fic where he is a fusion of 2 anime powers and always gaining a harem and destroying canon ships so easily, where good characters become suddenly evil or die and Naruto instantly taking over their place, and various other things I won't bother to name up since some of them are just so cringy as hell.

The anime is good and I have watched some episodes but Naruto's persistence with Sakura was just too annoying to keep me watching it, and I only realized that an anime becomes popular if an MC is abused enough in his whole life. (That's honestly Fucked up) And yet those stories continue coming in and taking more place in and simplifying so many minds of what a good story is supposed to be.

-Character: No real hate towards Naruto but I do hold hatred against his other versions of Fanfiction, the guy is annoying but a good person at heart.

=Dragon-Ball-Z: You will never see me watching this as characters like Goku aren't exactly my favorite as I am more annoyed with characters like him and such, I don't like the cheesiness nor the ridiculous power but I can't point that out since there is a more OP Universe then that. Not a lot of hate towards this anime but I simply won't be watching this one as I have no interest in it, I just dislike it and nothing about it like I don't like Naruto on

-Character: Nothing to say about him except for being annoying.

=Harry Potter: Well, I did hear and read that the books are good for analyzing subjects and clear explanations and I haven't read the book exactly but I am not planning to ever read it since Fanfiction made me hate it, perhaps I'm being petty here but if you are me and searching for good fics and seeing his name appear with the following words (Harem, bashing, lemons, ETC) you can guess why I get frustrated why they take up too much space.

The Harry Potter genre is not going to be a favorite nor neutral of mine for taking too much space and potential for other stories to rise and get some popularity, overused in Fanfiction and I don't know if more stories appeared about him but I hope not.

-Character: Nothing but pity towards him and no hatred as another MC being written as an abused child to gain popularity.

=Percy Jackson: Yeah, it is simply another form of Harry Potter and that another abused child to gain popularity and talking also too much space up in Fanfiction like with Harry Potter, I am not a hypocrite as I do Harems too but not all of them and when I see those words when his series is in my eyes I just want to smash those stories away if I could.

I just realized how not loved the ship is between Percy and Annabeth especially in the cases of the Harem fics. I preferred that the MC wasn't a child of one of the 3 and that it was from one of the other Gods or Goddesses like Hephaestus, Apollo, and Hermes, or a story where it is about a God.

-Character: Nothing against Percy Jackson.

=One Piece: Nothing against the anime but putting it in here for the character that I don't like.

-Luffy: I don't like dumb and annoying MC's like him and find it borderline frustrating and not funny at all and call me that I have a stick shoved far up my ass, I don't give any shit about it and I am free to write that I don't like the character at all, I do like Charlotte Katakuri from the Big Mom Arc that I stumbled across on Youtube.

=Fate/Stay Night: Shirou Emiya is just a character that I don't want in my head as those rumors tell me about him being a stubborn idiot, now I did research on this character for not letting the girl Saber fight and that he isn't a sexist so don't worry but his flaws of being too forgiving are something I don't want. I don't like the Pure Hero Type that thinks he can save everyone or the goody 2-shoes.

-Character: Shirou Emiya, him being one of those flawed heroes and I don't like Heroes anymore and I am more of an Anti-Hero favorite.

=Pokemon: Let's just say that I hold it with the XYZ ending and wasn't happy with Alola in great respect towards Ash, Greninja, and Pikachu...

-Character: To some villains but I don't remember their names.

=Highschool DxD: I watched it more for the Fanservice rather than the plot but lately I have been looking more and doing research on the Manga and let's just say I lost all my interest in the story of how shitty the fucking plotline is, those Gods are quite weak as hell and I don't like how certain characters are defined as an evil being which has become quite frustrating, just too many to name and I can't really say anything about the Harem since the Genre was obviously a main of the anime itself.

-Character: Issei, yeah, the guy is stupid and made too overpowered for the most stupid reasons ever as I have read up and how he has so-called beaten Gods up with a single punch which is truly an insult to most described religions and monsters, sudden growth that made him surpass characters like Vali, Cao Cao, and Sairaorg in such little time who had been training most of their life and had even far more noble goals then Issei himself could ever hope to be.

I can't take the guy serious at all even with Juggernaut mode and all that shit forms and what his strength is like, sure he has absorbed 9 Pawn Pieces but that doesn't truly make him invincible, he is nothing but a Reincarnated Devil and suddenly can go toe to toe with Gods (Tartarus, and Nyx.) and Superdevils (Vali and Sairaorg.) with such little time?!

=My Hero Academia: Yeah, I know I am writing stories about this one and that I also realized it too late about him being the same as Naruto and Harry Potter, I am ashamed that I realized it too late so no more new stories about him.

-Character: Izuku, yeah, the guy is now more annoying to me.

RWBY: Nothing at all, I like it but putting it here because of one of the characters I'm hating.

-Character: Jaune, yeah, I know I am using him that is why I will stop centering around him or write stories about him.

Batman: I don't like it really much.

-Character: Batman, I hate his guts and his ideals of not killing anyone and it absolutely disgusts me that he would rather let thousands of people die than not to pull the trigger and put the psychopath down, I prefer Red Hood any time over him for killing the bad guys and Batman I would bash if I would ever write a story about it.

This guy has no killing policy that ends up getting in the way of him wanting to save more lives and he is pretty much stubborn and a hypocrite, he's uncaring towards his side-kicks and neglectful that they are too young to fight criminals, he could've saved more lives by using his money, some versions of him to get the whole Justice League almost killed, and just too many things to name so not a Batman fan nor will I ever be one.

Characters that I do like. (Will be updated)

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