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Heyo! I wrote a whole bunch of Jelsa stories my Freshman year of Highschool and now I'm back to A)Publish some I had never published that have just been sitting in my google drive and B)Edit the ones I currently have published. Not going to lie, Jelsa was kind of my secret obsession for years, and now I've found my way back to it. I missed the fanfiction community :)

Who I Ship:


~ Eugene x Rapunzel

~ Kristoff x Anna

~ Hiccup x Astrid

~ Hiccup x Merida (I know it is weird I ship both, but I feel Astrid and Merida are kinda similar)

Who I Do Not Ship:

~ Hans x Elsa

~ Hans x Anna

~ Pitch x Elsa

~ Tadashi x Elsa (well very very slightly)

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