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hi everyone! i'm not much good at writing but i do enjoy all things twilight. i saw the movie new moon first after buying a used copy at a video store for my grand daughter. her mom wouldn't let her watch it so i brought it back to california when we left. i watched it a month later and was hooked. since then i think i have read at least a thousand stories (it's been seven years) and the twi verse along with true blood are the only things i read. if anyone out there has any suggestion on favorite stories just pm me, please. the only thing i'm not into are all human stories. jas/b stories and some em/b stories are great but never car/b or bella with one of the girls. i'm not against t but i don't swing that way and it's just to out there for me. maybe i'm just to old. if were thirty years younger i would hunt alex skarsgard to the ends of the earth. what a picture of perfection!!!

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